When will the SA80 be replaced?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Monkian, Dec 16, 2007.

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  1. Hello, I am soon to be joining the Paras and want to know when they will ditch the crappy SA80 in favour of a weapon that is actually any good?

    I have done some "work" for the US Marines and used the M16 and it is way better than the SA80. I also know that people in the SAS and SBS consider the SA80 a joke. So when will it be replaced by something better like the FAMAS or M16? Hell, even the AK47 woulkd be better innit.
  2. The SA80 is a decent peice of kit in my opinion now, never had any significant problems with the A2 and all the people I speak to rate it over the M16/M4 so make sure you check up your facts before you write it off.
  3. Got to be a wah! Innit? Please.... :roll:

    T C
  4. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    I smell Journo.

    Referal to this thread

  5. "Waltometer" is steadily ticking along between Wah level one and Walt level three...
  6. You are brilliant!!
  7. Cant beat the brown bess........or the blunderbuss.......now fcuk off eh?
  8. After just seeing his only other post on arrse, I smell shite, myself.
  9. Erm...it is actually quite good, in my humble opinion. Stable (although a touch on the heavy side because of it), quite reliable and I think it looks quite mean compared to some of the nancy-boy matchstick models out there.

    Rent boy then, eh? Well, everyone has to earn a living.

    So, you've read Bravo Two Zero at least once then.

    And so we come to understand.

    The L85A2 is a fine weapon, despite press reports to the contrary. I speak from the standpoint of a medic, I'll grant you. However, I have personally never experienced any problems with the weapon and my infantry colleagues seem to be at worst indifferent to it.
  10. What kind of "work" have you done for the US Marines pray tell?

    Do you have much personal experience with the FAMAS or AK47?

    I'd be most interested to hear where you used these weapons.
  11. Fcuk me, thems a bit gucci aren't they?

    I quite like the MK1 club, birds for the dragging of hair by, personally!
  12. Well mate if you know what people in the SAS/SBS think then get them to tell you when we are getting new rifles. How do you know the M16 is better than a SA80 when did you fire a SA80.

    Taking bets on
  13. What? What the f'uck are you all on about?

    The SA80 can't even be fired left handed. What a load of shit that is. And it's a total pain in the arse to strip down compared to the M16.
  14. You are brilliant!!
  15. Ok I'll bite. I'm a left handed marksman, I seem to be doing fine with it.

    T C