When will the phoney election become the real thing

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pimpernel, Feb 20, 2010.

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  1. Having watched the news GB was pitching Labour and unveiling his plans, is this not now the right time to call an election, or is he going to continue to make political milage before he has to pay for it as part of Labours election expenses?

    Gordon Brown has urged voters to take a "second look" at Labour as he unveiled his election campaign themes. Forgive me this is not a second look we have had them it's actually going to be the fourth !

    Under the slogan "a future fair for all", he told a rally in Coventry that Labour would be "change makers" who stand up for "the many not the few". Havn't we heard this before as well?
  2. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    just had the local labour candidate calling door to door...they must be getting desperate to start campaining this early.
  3. and he is still alive and not cooling down under your patio?
  4. Probably when the army of spin doctors, media consultants and god knows what else WE pay for tell brown that the "time is right", in the "fullness of time" and that (probably) the smear campagne has worked.

    I'm surprised we haven't started to hear of this MPs indiscretion and that MPs dirty secret yet....
  5. and now we have "campaign themes"
    What happened to the manifesto's. Oh yes, they were just lie s that were broken after the elections.

    The OP is right in that the one eyed idiot will be making all the free use of the media he can because labour are broke....along with his media freinds.
  6. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    Unfortunately the wife answered the door so i didn't get the first blow in....and I don't have a patio.

  7. What about a tiled bathroom, which is small enough to be rapidly covered in a handy supply of industrial plastic?

    Chop up the former labour candidate and mail the bits back to labour hq.

    Without paying the postage muh ha ha ha ha.
  8. The question assumes that a general election will take place. And not be cancelled due to a terrorist spectacular/plague/floods/war with Iran/war with Argentina/any other excuse the Dark Lord can think up... :twisted:
  9. Labour are very, very good at making changes, it's just a shame they're never ones for the better. Gordon will spin it out for as long as he can, in the hope that his polls improve, because it's not like they can get much worse. He should have called one just after he took over from Blair, he had huge support at the time and he failed to capitalise on it, says it all about the man really.
  10. It has been reported that Cyclops 'Bagpuss' McBroone will be appearing at the Chilcot Inquiry a week on Friday, on the 5th of March. Now will he....

    (a) Turn up as requested for OC's Orders?
    (b) Bottle it because he has to visit a Tractor Factory.
    (c) Become ill suddenly, as a result of a temper tantrum, and have to cancel until after the election?

    I think probably (a), all things being equal, and Reality works in its 'Normal Way'... but he will sail through like Teflon did, or look like a sad sack of gronads tied in the middle during the questioning...?

    Lets hope the Inquiry team give him a rough time, but the possibility he will have an easy ride of it...... 'No Pressure to be put on the Dear Leader'. :p 8O

    PMQs on Wednesday, lets hope Dave gives him a rousting.... or maybe it will be Hapless who is delegated... so many choices... so little time for Broone to get his election act together.
  11. I just wish him and his motley crew would bugger off and die quietly in a corner.
  12. But what will Brown actually have to say? That he was holding Tony's purse while he sold us down the river etc etc?

    If Blair, who was the main instigator and therefore ultimately responsible for the whole fiasco, only got 'grilled' for 6 hours, what is likely for Brown? Not a lot.
    A few hums and Err's about financing the conflict and not suppling sufficient funds but don't expect much in the way of substance. He's distanced himself enough over the years not to have any damaging revelations come out.

    As much as I guffaw at this much muted notion of doomdom of a stifled democracy, it's chance of happening are Nil. We've managed a General election during several wars/conflicts in the past and nowt has happened or even been hinted at to be delayed.

    More than lilkely Dave Cameron will continue to spew out crap and out-of-touch policies and the polls will show an ever decreasing number of points between the two and Gordon will throw a snap election on the back of it.

    If anything the gap between Labour and the Tories is decreasing ever-so-gently but nethertheless they are. Latest Polls
  13. Poor drills. Summer is now approaching and a patio would be an ideal present for the missus. Invite him back for a discussion on economic policy and.......
  14. That's the date being pencilled in for the local election count venue, but I reckon he'll keep holding off for as long as he possibly can. On a brighter note, Labour lost both Borough council by elections in my manor (to the tories). Aaaw :cry: