When will the next batch be mobilised ?

Given the current state of the world (ie in rag order) when will HMG call up another batch of TA ?

I listened to some Tory MP on Radio 4 the other day going on about Afghanistan and how everyone seems to be planning for up to a decade there.  Mind you he seemed to be basing this in part on the Italian contingent installing an expresso machine so I'm not too sure how much credence to place on it.  

More seriously, will the batch of Int Corps called up earlier this year be replaced ?  If we do go into Iraq can the regulars cope without reinforcement ?


Of course there will be mobilisations!!  The RTMC was created incase the entry into Kosovo was going to be hostile.  Thousands were expected to be churned out of there if needed - people WERE going to get called up.  However, we now know that wasn't required, but hey the option is there now and it will just be a matter of time before a large scale call-up happens.  

I think it can only be a good thing - it will sort out the bounty hunters from the brown biscuit eaters.  And of course the women from the girls!  ;D
I look forward to Mobilisation for one reason only, to see the faces of the people who have been playing at "the TA game" for years and those who scoff when you tell them that it is a serious business. The look of shock will be on their faces for months too!

I can see the day coming soon as we are the only back up the Army has to keep it punching above it's weight in "Blair's All New, World Order"

I wonder how many personnel will plead not to be sent due to family or work commitments, it will certainly sort the wheat from the chaff on both a personal level and a in the command structure of units, it will be interesting to see how we all cope with the challenge :-/
Not often I get involved in TA chat but as I work for the Mystery of Defence I am rather more informed on these issues!!

There is talk of further mobilisations in the coming weeks (ask yourself "what are we most short of?" and that will be a sound pointer) and indeed there is a requirement for more of the Int crowd come the Summer (maybe not as many...still counting empty chairs!)

The TA have responded extremely well to the recent mobilisations (as have the Biggles-like RAuxAF) so lets get some more mileage out of them while we can!
Well since the point of this site is to spread rumours...I too have heard a rumour that some expensive type people will be getting envelopes in the post soon.  Watch this space !
I also can't wait to see some of the faces should the TA be mobilised. In my experience, the junior ranks would mostly just get on with it, the seniors would start to umm & arr a bit - more so the senior they are, and the officers would panic like hell because all most have done in their TA career is turn up for study days, a euphamism for a CO's dinner night!
My major concern is that the regs will lump us all together and not give credit where it is due. I have to say though that a major weeding out process - particularly in my Corps, wouldn't go amiss!  ;D 8)
Well since the point of this site is to spread rumours...I too have heard a rumour that some expensive type people will be getting envelopes in the post soon.  Watch this space !

Expensive types heh, Greenspot?

Thanks for the reassurnace. As Pork Pie's not expensive, in fact rather cheap (and, some would say, quite nasty), it looks like I'm safe  :)

BTW, if you know of any expensive types who need their Rools Royces minding, or want a house sitter for their mansions, do let me know. I'm keen to do my bit  :)
Can't wait....... While we might not get shoved right up the teeth end, we might get a chance to show the Regs that we can do our job.  :)
Well, it's going to be surgeons and anaesthetists this time, so if they DO have to be put to use (working from the back of a 4 Tonner now the hospital is closed) then they had better be able to do their job!!

The names are in the hat as we speak - politicians obvioulsy keen not to pick on a particular TA Fd Hosp but to spread it around the UK.
Call up is controlled by the RFA. :mad:

However, if you have seen the small print, Brigadiers qualify for lots of money as compensation whereas privates do not - this takes no account of personal circumstances and is as ever complete bollocks :mad:

The MOD and the Government are playing a very dangerose game by selective call up.  It plays into the hands of all the regular dip shits who mistrust the TA and also gives credence to those within the TA who believe that we should drop everything to bail out the MOD everytime the gaping holes in the Strategic Defence Review are uncovered.  
Yep, that's exactly how it works. When we had the team round, we asked "Errrrrr what about the self-employed non-commissioned bods, are our accountants statements and the paperwork acceptable?"

The response at the time was, "can we come back to you on that?"

It may come as a surprise, but in the 21st Century, there are private soldiers and junior NCO's making in excess of £30,000 a year, so can we have some extra dosh please? Deploying is not the issue, it's what we trained for, but at least, can we have some sort of level playing field?
looks like its gonna be trickle callouts for certain specialists every 3 months or so
I will be surprised if we have enough deployable types to make this callout last until the end of the year!! All very interesting stuff...it hardly made a dint in the press this morning!

As for compensation on callout - anyone can apply for a what is now known as a Hardship Award if the banded amounts for your rank are below what you earn in civvy street.  It may be a bit of an intrusive process (this is being looked at by the money boffins) but it is there for all to have a go for. Now if you spend all your cash on beer n'kebabs and can't prove "hardship" ... then that's a different story!
Read in the Torygraph today that three anaesastaeeeaatists, bah, people that give you injections to knock you out and two doctors have been called up to replace those that have contracted this whatnot in Afghanistan...
The current post September 11 commitments certainly look pretty permanent now - which means that the TA is probably not the best vehicle to address them.  

The troops being called up (at my end of the TA any rate) are all very specialised and come from a small pool.  This means that to keep a certain level permanently mobilised you will have to remobilise the first wave in pretty short order.  My gut feel is you'll have to call them back in 6 to 12 months.   This will cause problems.  

Being mobilised for a recognised crisis is fine - that's what we joined up for (I know every unit has a few muppets who haven't made the connection between getting a uniform and being in the Army but lets ignore them).  Family and employers also generally have few issues.  However, make it a semi-permanent deployment and things will change.  

Careers - both civilian and TA - will suffer.  After all, you can't do the courses if you're deployed all the time.  Employers will start to back away from the TA as they cannot afford to lose staff so often.  Families will suffer - lets not forget that the support mechanisms available to the Regular's family are not available to the TA soldier.  Hell, TA service is not pensionable so out of my smaller military salary I have to find extra money to fund my pension.  

All of these things are fine for a single deployment .  They are fine for a deployment every time a crisis hits the UK.  They are not fine for a permanent deployment in peace time.  

Of course you could address these issues by boosting regular numbers and increasing the establishment for specialists in the TA.  We don't seem to have a problem attracting recruits - we do have a problem keeping them because our training is under funded.  

So I'll be there if I get taken in the second wave.  I'll probably be there when my name comes around again.  But I'll have to think very hard about the third time.  
Got an idea who that will be, so anyone any advice on Pushtun/Urdu courses in the Army? Oh, and a good place to get discounts on softies, seeing as it's blimmin winter over there from about August onwards :-[
Gunner, you are sooooooooo not helping mate....
Unless you mean a bunch of thieving scallys and once-a-year Irish blokes, wot has enjoyed proper training in gucci kit since SDR?

Hmmmmmmmmmmm wait out ;D

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