When will the Monsoon Season end?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sunnoficarus, Jul 11, 2012.

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  1. Seriously, this constant torrential rain is getting all a bit tedious....:evil:
  2. St. Swithins day?
  3. Better start getting used to it, we'll be getting this sort of weather every year from now on. House prices in areas prone to flooding will suffer, and more events will have to change how they set up or be cancelled more often. Building decent storm drains would help the situation as well. No doubt some people will find ways to make money out of it. :)
  4. Said like it has never been rainy during the summer EVER, it's called British weather and is what gives this nation the best sense of humour in the world.
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  5. Don't worry, it'll be no time before it turns to snow.
  6. Sales of Umbrellas slumped due to fashion cred
  7. Now advertising buy your sandbags (but not the sand) on the local radio station .
  8. The sun shines out of Dales arse. She just hasn't bent over lately.
  9. 2012 is the End of Times. Didn't you get the Mayan memo?
  10. The day so far here in London:

    Sunny till about 11am -> Started raining till 11:30am -> Super sunny till about 1pm -> Heavy rain till about 2pm -> Clear and sunny till about 4pm -> Light rain till about 5pm -> Clear till about 6:15pm -> Very heavy rain since then till present.

    I am glad I will get some proper sun when I go back home for about 3week from end of this month. Detroit/ MI is actually much hotter than FL for the past few weeks. I am starting to look like a pale vampire now!

    I will be spending time in 3 diff states anyways : LHR -> DTW -> SAN -> TPA -> DTW -> LHR

    Will be completely missing out on the olympic games "fun" here in London.:)
  11. As i keep hearing its to do with two opposing jet streams one's pushing the other and this weather will last all summer ?

    Anyone else heard that ?
  12. Jarrod248 was very rude about the Sky Pixie's sub agent, St Swithun. Sunday the 15th July will tell how fecked off with us the Head Man really is.
    So it's not the fault of Jet Streams, El Nino et al but that doughty Cold War Warrior - Jarrod248
  13. Have not had much of a problem with midges so far this year so not all bad news but when , sorry if , we do get some warmth I am sure the littlw buggers will make up for lost time .
  14. You dirty grasser. I hope your next caverject is the last.
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