When will Osnabruck/Munster Garrison closedown

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by thepatrolman, Jul 8, 2006.

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  1. The local media is full of it and rumours are spreading like wildfire.

    Lots of civilian employees jumping ship :(

    But does anyone really know what is going on....... ?

    The newspapers say 2008/2009 4 Bde moving to Catterick.

    Official Army website says that 1 barracks will stay open in Osnabruck and 1 barracks to remain open in Munster.

    Local newspaper says that it will all go ????

    Anybody else know anything ???
  2. I'd get that new car now if I were you. I've heard that Oz/Munster and JHQ are all for the chop. The dates I've heard for the former are the same as you've been told. The latter to be closed shortly after the ARRC get back. I suppose watching what the LECs are doing will give you a good idea of what's to come, especially if they are not replaced.

    I can see the value of staying Hohne and Sennelager, but if pushed, I'd have to ask if there was a need for us to be in Germany at all nowadays. That Gorbachov has a lot to answer for. Bloody Perastoyka f*cked up a lot of good postings for us.
  3. But is rthere enough Bks/accom ect in the UK to facilitate all the troops being brought back from BFG? on the positive sdie the MOD's bill would go down as the gravy train hangers on known as UKBC's would be surplusto requirement and NAFFI would really be on its arse with no monoply in the UK like they have in Germany
  4. You can't tell anything from what the LECs are doing. They don't know anything either, which is why when they hear the rumours, they look for other jobs and if they find one they take them, just in case. That's why many LECs from OS have taken jobs in Bielefeld, Gütersloh etc. The jobs aren't being replaced because the GLSU doesn't know what's going on and who'd take a job that might be very short term anyway. It suits them the way it is.

    I've worked on the theory that the reason the 'troops' aren't told exactly what's going to happen in the future, is because the people at the top don't have a clue either. They aren't going to commit themselves to what they do know because it might change and then the'll look silly.... which is what they do anyway when the rumours are flying......

    .....but that's not what I've heard 8O
  5. ..... But there is a date (well month) when the Bde HQ and Sig Sqn will up ship and plonk its self in Catterick.

    Oh well off to the Garrison open day at Roberts Barracks, see you there!!!
  6. There's no dispute as to the fact that 4 Bde is moving back to Catterick. It is also known that some units are moving from the UK to Osnabruck. What isn't known is exactly what will remain part of the Garrison and what will be handed back. The rumours cover wanting to keep the wksps but not wanting to keep Imphal/Mercer, 1 CSMR staying in Münster or moving up to OS, 8 Regt RLC moving into OS and other units moving into OS from the UK.

    My suggestion is that the reason they aren't saying anything positive is because they don't know anything positive.
  7. yep off there in a bit
  8. NAAFI getting f*cked over? Well, that alone is reason good enough to close BFG.
  9. Ah, so very cinical AB.... I like the cut of your jib :D
  10. Hey, you know where it's at!
  11. At a recent community briefing a lot of wives expressed concern with regards to JHQ closing. They were told that a period of 10-15 years would elapse between the initial announcement to move, and locking the gate behind them. As there has still been no official announcement, I think it's safe to say most dependants jobs are safe for the time being.
  12. Which is of course correct if the person giving the brief actually knew himself and wasn't just quoting the 'party line'. Just keep an eye out for radical improvements to facilities, accommodation and housing...... a sure sign that things are drawing down and getting handed back :eek:
  13. And you call me a cynic?
  14. It's true though, Bickies.
  15. That's right, take his side.