When will Obama go to Dallas?

Discussion in 'US' started by SNLR86, Feb 10, 2009.

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  1. Have any of the bookmakers started to quote on when somebody will top Obama, or would this be just a half-step over the 'bad taste' line?

    Given how red some US necks are, plus their joy in owning and playing with firearms, I'd have thought his chances of making it through a full term are even lower than that of Broon admitting to a mistake.
  2. Which weapon would be the most suitable for use today?

    I believe that Oswald's Carcano is a tad too 'old school', and the Uzi that was used in the attempt on Reagan's life is only useful for short range.

    I'd guess that today's militiaman/survivalist/conspricy theorist is most likely to go for a Kalashnikov type rifle, but I wouldn't be too surprised to see an AR15 type rifle, or even a sporting bolt action being used.

  3. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    What about one of the trendy big bore jobs? A .50 cal rifle, just to make sure?
  4. At the risk of joining the Arrse Pedant Regiment, Hinkley used revolver to hit Reagan. But I agree that the sport rifle is the most likely

  5. On the grassy knoll with a hunting rifle.
  6. You're quite right, my mistake. I was thinking of the Secret Service agent who had an ND after the attempt.

  7. Ol, Billy Bob aint taking any chaces this time, 120mm! praise the lord and pass the ammunition!
  8. Security is so tight around this guy that it'll be a professional hit from a great distance.
  9. Just like the first time then....... :lol:
  10. More likely a suicide bomber...with a Suitcase Nuke. :twisted:
  11. Haven't you been keeping up with events in the USA? Obama will not go to Dallas until the performance issues with body armour are resolved!
  12. I wouldn’t want to see the SOB whacked because then he will be a martyr. Every Jr High School and ever road and every public building will be named after him for the next 50 years. They would build a memorial to him in Washington DC that would rival the Great Pyramids of Egypt and the Gardens of Babylon in size.

    He will self destruct although the Liberal media will try to bail him out.

    We need a commie every once in awhile to remind us that capitalism works. Both Carter and Clinton served that role very nicely.
  13. Yes, gator, unfettered capitalism has worked so well. :roll: Just look at the past eight years to see the results.
  14. Farking idiot Gator. However, KevinB does approve the murder of people who fail to tow his IRA / SF line so maybe he can give you tips on how to fund terrorism. He is a bit of an expert at it.
  15. As to President Obama, he has more to fear from powerful special interests than from Southern rednecks.