When will NATO begin airstrikes on the Libyan rebels?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Letterwritingman, Oct 12, 2011.

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  1. I have noticed with increasing concern over the last few weeks, through the media of video courtesy of SKY, BBC et al, that the NATO backed, Libyan rebel forces are not at all shy of using area weapons against civilian populated target areas. Is anyone one else wondering when 'Cumagoon' and the 'poison dwarf' in Paris will once again order our fearless winged brethren to the skies in order to prevent the indiscriminate use of heavy weapons likely to cause casualties amongst the innocent civilian population?

    Likely to happen? never to happen? photo opportunity seized move on?

    Thoughts please.
  2. NATO has been the Benghazi Air Farce since day 1.

    Are you suggesting that they mount a coup and oust their political leaders now seated in Tripoli?

  3. The fight is almost over now and as far as civilian casualties go, this morning on Sky News Colin Brazier tried to infer that many civilian casualties had occured,he was roundly put down by Alex Rossi who is in the thick of it in Sirte who told Brazier that there was absolutley no sign of civilians injured or dead.
    The NTC expect to take Sirte today or tomorrow with limited casualties.
  4. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    LWM, hope all well down there and you have a red shirt to wear on Saturday ;-)

    Given that a contributing member of Arrse spent the best part of three months with the NTC forces earlier this year ( Rumpelstiltskin) why not ask him ?
  5. I don't think Tuffy that the game is over. Not at all. At least the fall of Sirte is postponed.

    Kadhafi fighters mount fierce fightback in Sirte - Yahoo! News

    The Colonel understands that his the best strategy is guerilla war in big cities.

    Urban guerilla war is something endless and NATO bombings are useless in this context.

    As for the question in the title of the thread then the easiest answer is - never. Just because the 'rebels' have been supported by Washington from the begin of the events.

    However, never say never. Those who fought against Soviet troops in Afghanista and recieved weapons from the West eventually were branded as terrorists and were bombed. So just wait.
  6. Chechnya you cock monkey
  7. Given that there's so little to decipher the rebel forces from civilians (albeit that the former have a fuckload of guns) it must be a tricky question to answer. Are we talking about accidental civilian casualties? Women being fired upon in the heat of battle or taking stray rounds/blasts from large weapons? Or are we talking about the all-singing, all-dancing group of roadies who follow the rebels around town supporting the movement who happen to get shafted because they're in the middle of a firefight?
  8. With respect, Tovarischch, Libya is not Afghanistan.
  9. I'd be more worried about the reckoning after Sirte.

    Will all those poorly cooperating burb based militias turn in their technicals and go back to their ordinary lives, but this time under a bunch of shadowy blokes from Benghazi?
  10. i think you'll find the rebels are using precision guided 107mm rockets.

    also, has anyone heard of people getting hit by falling rounds? these retards seem to be firing about 50% of their rounds straight up the way.
  11. However, Washington remains Washington and the habits of decision makers here will not change anytime soon. In fact Washington supported Jihadists and terrorists against the Soviet invasion. But later the very same terrorists became targets of NATO bombing.

    Can this scenario be repeated in Libya? Why not?

  12. Lets be honest, the Russian army make the Libyan rebels looked like the most steely of über tactical ninjas.