When will mr.Blair call Iraqi war a mistake?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Nov 18, 2005.

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  1. Very soon

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  2. 2005

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  3. 2006

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  4. Just before withdrawal from Iraq

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  5. After the withdrawal

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  6. After his withdrawal from DS10

  7. Never

  1. There is no way the t bliar can ever possibly admit that it was a mistake. Whether or not coalition troops remain in Iraq, the reasons for going to war will consistently be banged out on the political drum, and his legacy will now be based on it.
  2. He will never admit it, he's far too arrogant to do that.
  3. I never vote myself on this forum but look with interest for opinions of our friends. Personally I believe in mr.Blair, he is not a monster at all and his mental abilities are high enough. I guess that he will admitt the mistake later or sooner (though rather later) after his quit and probable lordship. I suppose it will happen in 2009-2011.
  4. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Stupid question. He is a politician and a lawyer. 'Admit' is not in his vocabulary. (No medals either)
  5. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

  6. I second our Red friend with one exception and that depends on your definition of "monster". If your definition includes "a b*stard that will send better men than him to die on the basis of a lie" then you are in agreement with me.

    I reckon he'll admit it around 2015 in his second (co written with the WMF) autobiography titled "How I was horribly misled by nasty men in stetsons". His first autobiography titled "How I grinned my way to victory". written around 2009 will tell how he was convinced of WMD blah blah blah so that he doesn't harm his way around the American after dinner speakers’ circuit.

    By 2015 he may well have dropped out of vogue so he will need a new way to get more muller rolling in, he'll do this by "suddenly" realising that he sent people whose boots he isn't fit to sniff to fight a war at the behest of an American oil grabbing halfwit.
  7. Hes a politician, enough said.
  8. he will admit the war was a mistake when he is approximately 75 years old and is writing his autobiography.

    until then, he'll constantly justify his positon.
  9. I'm leutenant in reserve ... but leutenant of Russian (originally Soviet) army. As it is forum of British armed forces then it would be unfair for me to take part in voiting and distord final picture. However it seems to me that my opinions could be at least a food for mental work, could they?
  10. Lord Blur ! Cherry would die first.
  11. He'll admit it when there's a profit in it for him 8O
  12. Tonee will be like that other lying cnut Heath (a pederast and to my eternal shame an ex-Gunner officer) (Mods: before you edit/delete my comment a point of law: you cannot slander or libel the dead).

    Heath was a liar who deceived Britain about the EU in his arrogance. Bliar is a liar who had deceived Britain so many times it defies belief. He and Cruella da Ville (Cherie, Witch of Islington) will never admit wrongdoing. As has been pointed out, they are lawyers. They truly belive that there is no such thing as Justice, only Law.

    Tonee and his opportunist companion will continue to cheapen the office that the deceiver currently holds. Like the millions of supplicants to the state that he has created (no exageration), Bliar is unable to accept the consequences of his actions. When he is eventually exposed for the lying little ******* he is (ok Mods, that bit can be modified, although I do currently enjoy diplomatic privaledge), he will doubtless claim that it is someone elses fault and he is just a victim.

    Do you all remember how Romania rid themselves of Ceausescu?
  13. I have no diplomatic immunity (although for Dreads 100K a year and the fact that he is about to sell a classic car to a chav he should be hung anyway) but I'll quite happily stand by the words "lying" and "*******". I'm a bit worried about "little" as that is a bit relative.
  14. If anything I would have put it a little stronger than Dread
    But never mind, that kind of comment will no doubt become an arrestable offence in due course, probably carrying a mandatory custodial sentence without trial....