When will everyone have MTP?

I know PECOC isn't going to be issued until 2012 or something along those lines. And currently there is a mix of deserts and MTP. With the lads at the sharp end getting the MTP and rightly so. But is it expected that before PECOC comes out that everyone will be wearing MTP CS95s?
The main reason i ask is just out of curiosity as i will be on H14 and just wondered what i was likely to be issued. I'm a REMF and don't think its very likely i will need it. Before people try and shoot me down in true arrse style i am not trying to take anything away from the lads who really need it on the ground. Just curious thats all.
Everyone deploying on ops should be receiving it now. There is sufficient stock available so that if personnel at the sharp end need extra they can get it.
Im a REMF and ive just filled out a from for MTP stuff. What we wont get is the Mk 7 Helmet and new Osprey unless we're attached at CF level outside MOBs.

What are the current timeframes for PECOC clothing to be issued to the Army and at large and issued to Training Establishments. What about webbing, helmets etc? Will it be issued en masse as i is with the black bag for those deploying?

Also, are we going to see a move away from webbing sans armour to an integrated armour system so what is worn at Brecon etc is what is worn on ops. Are ancilliaries like sleeping systems included too?
Gregg - depends which RiP you are on. On H13 you should get new Osprey, on H14 you will get both new Osprey and Mk 7.

Fraudstar - check the PECOC Thread for more detail but in short:
- dates TBC but potentially clothing from next year, helmet, body armour and webbing the year after - all funding dependant of course
- Kit will be task issued to units. Some items (Buffalo shirts etc) will be Black Bag items only initially then replacing fleeces etc as they run out.
- One of the key PECOC requirements is a seperate load carriage and body armour system so you can retain protection while ditching webbing for various tasks etc. The load carriage will be designed to work with the body armour however
- Yes but on a "supercession" basis - ie as the old kit is used up.


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Sounds a bit pathetic really. I could understand it if you were for some strange reaason doing drill with a day sack. But in the field it just seems stupid.
My thoughts exactly, apparently everything now has to be OG or DPM. I think alll this new fuss about dress standards and different cam has gone to peoples heads !!!
Apparently a big shiny white Iveco lorry is touring the TAC's with a generic size of 'whatafatfucker' and will be charging 50 pence a pop for you war dodging ***** to dress up and pose in front of a blown up still shot of a burning T72 taken during GW1....
And issuing Mk4 NBC suits as well - situation normal then!
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