When will Bliar go?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Mar 23, 2006.

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  1. Before the May 06 elections

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  2. After the May 06 elections

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  3. Before the Labour conference of Autumn 06

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  4. After the Labour conference of Autumn 06

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  5. Before the Scottish Parliament election of May 07

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  6. After the Scottish Parliament election of May 07

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  7. In 2046 when the embalming fluid runs out

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  1. The knives are out for the Dear Leader! My view is that he should be toppled tomorrow and his head impaled on Big Ben. This is unlikely, however it is undeniable that his departure is within sight.

    So when will it be?
  2. When he gets pushed
  3. Get rid of him and that patheic smiling wife of his NOW NOW NOW!!!
  4. Send him to Iraq on a tour of Basra....on the streets with no body armour and 5 rounds!
  5. At about 0945 tomorrow if 10 year old PE4 works and I have set the timer correctly :wink:
  6. I seriously hope he does himself in - but I don't think he's got the courage that's required
  7. I read recently that no serving PM has gone of his or her own volition since around the 1920s. Corrupt scum.
  8. eh? didn't wilson resign in the 70s? and mcmillan resigned in the 60s when he got ill. couple of others resigned too but were in rather difficult positions - chamberlain (appeased hitler) and anthony eden (after suez disaster in 56).

    still, they resigned. theres probably others but i couldnt be bothered checking lol
  9. Not soon enough? But i'm not sure i fancy Brun as PM either!!
  10. Hopefully not for at least another two to three years, the guy is doing a brilliant job 8O ......

    .... Of destroying the Labour Party.... He has lost the plot so much that while he is in the Job all the scandals will be coming out into the open, dodgy financing, loans for peerages, ministers seemingly on the take etce.... Dont for one moment kid yourself that Labour will have a sudden attack of Principle when the head book cooker gets in.

    What will happen is an extreme case of closing ranks and the paper shredders will be on overtime. Think 'next door' didnt know about the 'loans' ? yeah right.....

    As for the latest bit of 'Honest up standing whiter than white' piece of dealing to come out in the open recently, the alleaged loans for peerage's, funny how four of the big spenders who loaned millions and have gone on record stating they 'didnt' try to buy a peerage, (one 'loaner' even stated on Radio 4 he fully expected it to be turned into a donation in one/two years time once the election story had died down) have now asked for the 'loan' to be repaid having had the ermin coat application thrown out .... action like that sort of goes a long way to confirm the allegations doesnt it?

    Thing is will Bliar go down for the loan thing? assuming it was him how can someone take on debt like that on behalf of a political party, apparantly without telling the party trustee's and not break the law? If you or I tried it we would soon find our collar being felt! But, as the party trustees apparantly didnt know, especially the treasurer who most people would expect to have to be one of the signatories on behalf of the party are the Labour Party actually liable to pay it back? ......... Or is it down to the person who took on the loan/debt to pay it back ?

    Thinking back to Brown.... he who supposedly has really been the one in charge since the last election and before if you actually belive some of the nationals ..... he hasent done very well has he, a lot of the scandal has happenend or at least come to light in the key period he and his supporters would like you think he was pulling Blairs strings.... How the people of this country could ever support in power a party that cant even run their own books in a proper manner without going into the red big time and hope think that they could do a better job with the countries finances...... thinking about it they didnt did they? didnt they get in with only 20% or there abouts electeral support???

    Never, ever since the days of the 1920's Liberal Govt or some of the more recent tin pot African Govts has a more incompetent bunch of politicians been in power. The sooner they are chucked out permantly the better.

    edited once by snapper to sort bone spelling and lower the possible libel bill!
  11. Tories still don't name their cash givers, still thats alright with you lot. Labour under Blair brought in that all donations should be made public. If you are going to blame them for dishonesty you have to wonder about your wonderfull tories don't you?
    As for Libdems well they spend all their monies on rent boys and whiskey.
  12. I reckon he will go a decent interval after he has beaten Maggie Thatcher's sojourn in No 10. Three months, perhaps. Beating Mrs Thatcher's term in office will be the icing on the cake.

  13. Sooner than you think. Rumour control saying more stories in the Sunday heavies this weekend and no , I don't know the details.
  14. In Wales yesterday, Rhodri Morgan (Big M Little Organ) said "If the PM wants to go in May 07 thats up to him, but if he does not want to go in May 07 he won't" on TV. He then took his size 9 out of his gob and wibbled. Go figure. Gorgon Brown was here not Bliar for the Welsh Labour Conference?????
  15. Whos tony blair? lol