When was the last time we won one?

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by wet_blobby, Jul 4, 2012.

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  1. I've put this in here because, frankly, it was the old and bold that won the last one.

    Was it Gulf war 1 or did the need for a re-match nulify this one?, Yugoslavia? (and what ever they called themselves). The cold war, falklands, Northern Ireland?

    It seems the current crop of young thrusters dont do winning, not their fault I suspect but, when was the last shindig we can say, "Yep, won that one."?
  2. The Battle Of Jubilee.
  3. i think the re-match clause he mentions might nullify that one as well.
  4. No doubt about who won in the Falklands.
    Gulf 1 had too many players to claim a British victory.
    The need for Gulf 2 questions the final result of Gulf 1.
    Bosnia was rearly only a score draw. More of a damage limitation than a proper war.
    Kosovo was much the same as Bosnia.
    Gulf 2, We won the war and lost the peace.
    Afghanistan, I am not sure where the goalposts are anymore so I couldn't say if we are scoring, let alone winning.

    For my ten pence worth the Falklands was the last clear cut win.
    (Back when we had THAT Rifle.)
  5. Stand By for indignant Ubersojers!
  6. Will that do?
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  7. I remember being part of 4 ASRM and pulling into Sevastapol Harbour on HMS Fearless in the early 90's. There was row upon row of clapped out, rusting Russian frigates and Submarines, I image the story was the same with some of their Armoured divisions. We basically out muscled them financially, they couldn't afford to front up and wave the big red willy anymore. A collective win I think, I'm sure if anyone delved into the submariners record of the cold war (when it gets de-classified) that'll show a win as well.
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  8. Op Barras
  9. UK played a part in the winning team in the Cold War.
  10. Nicely loaded question, the obvious answer has already cropped up. While your at it I've been after someone to pop round and stir the wasps nest in the gardenwith a short stick, only if your not busy of course?
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  11. Dont do short (bang) Sticks in this forum Tens, only big 7.62 (bang) sticks :)
  12. took me a while to find it but this is sort of what you're looking for, i've highlighted my favourite bit

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  13. I think he's right

  14. I think he`s right too.
  15. Give him a big media hug. Bless.