when was Denisson smock phased out

Something that has been troubling what year did the Airborne denison smock be phased out. I've seen pictures of 3 Para serving in N ireland in 78 wearing them. Did 1 para wear them on there 78 tour of South Armagh?


The DPM Para smock was being issued in 78/79. I exchanged mine in 1979.
BashaBasher said:
Not Sure, Probably 1980, Maybe only so many wore them in the very early 1980s.

Prince Charles wore one when he did his Para Training. Think he still does when he is with the Paras/Airborne Forces.

Did he actually do Para Training? I thought he only did a water jump that was well televised. I don’t think he did P Coy.
Thanks for the info guys, was bit confused does any of you know were you can get pictures of paras in late seventies wearing dennision smock?
When I went through AAC Harrogate in 86 one of our Trg Wg Cpls wore one; we were in awe of him! Also loads of gringo 'taches too.
gauis said:
Thanks for the info guys, was bit confused does any of you know were you can get pictures of paras in late seventies wearing dennision smock?
Bound to be a fetish site around somewhere.......?


There is a good one or two in the militaria forum if you hunt around!
I saw some Commando Gunners wearing them in '82 - they were NGS and a law unto themselves!
The Denison was finished within Airborne Forces by 1980. I remember still having one on my back during 3 Paras 78 Belfast Tour and I had the new issue Para Smock on by the time I did my SCBC at Brecon the following year. No doubt there were a few odds and sods around still wearing them but the Regiment were all in the new version by 1980. F**k off long porn star taches were still in though and I would have had no problem auditioning for the line up of the "Village People" or chasing John Inman around a few soho bars. Err had I been that way inclined....


My sect cdr at Shornecliffe wore one when in the field, he was 2LI and when we did our Otterburn Battle Camp with Jnr Soldiers company from Para depot he got some pointed remarks. He was seriously hard I suspect still is and no one had the nerve to tell him to remove it!
I remember a very portly non-airborne REME CSM at Bordon cutting around in a Dennison in 1985; the c*nt made RSM some time later, but still looked like a bad-tempered version of Billy bunter...
To answer Rumrunner's query. Prince Charles did a couple of courses at No1 PTS , two at Abingdon and one at Brize Norton.

The Abingdon course was referred to in those days as a DCI course available to potential aircrew pilots/navs. The Prince was at Cranwell at the time undergoing pilot training. It was a 4 jump course, based around the requirement for aircrew to 'appreciate' the technicalities of a parachute should they need to bail out/eject.

He returned at a later date with a nervous group of equerries and Buck House staff to undertake a water jump into Studland Bay.

His 'airborne' course was in 1977 at Brize. He completed the 8 descent course including the night jump at Weston. An apocryphal story from this couse centres around Buck House ringing the PTS ops room to check on his progress and bring him to the phone. A voice boomed across the training hangar " Charles, your mum's on the phone!"

The PCAU collection of Denissons for airborne trainees were being used to 1981.
For what it's worth I did SCBC No. 9 at Brecon in 1977 and all the Paras (and there were f**kin' loads as they had only just got rid of the Para syndicate) were wearing the DPM smock, I managed to get hold of one in fact. They'd only just come in and were not all that popular as:

"they make us look like hats" :D :D

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