When Walting isn't harmless

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by Skunkmiester, Feb 6, 2013.

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  1. Except it was merely mentioned as a 'possibility' and if the coppers had any evidence they'd have nicked him by now.

    Typical Daily Mail shite.
  2. Yep fair point, I should have put 'may have killed'.
  3. Didn't know having a dead sister was accusable.
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  4. They did - the article says he was arrested on suspicion of murder and attempted murder.
  5. I would suggest that being a nut job led him to be a walt and to (alegedly) start a fire. Being a Walt wasn't dangerous, just a symptom of a deeper problem.
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  6. I didn't read that far down, reading the Daily Mail brings me out in hives.

  7. Agreed, however walting is surely a symptom that you are a bit wrong in the head to a lesser or greater extent.
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  8. Apparently her ex was a sapper and he walted it up to be the hero of the day...

    Plod await CPS's answer on charging
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  9. Someone will be along shortly to accuse the kid of walting as Simon Weston.
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  10. You dark fucker.........lol!
  11. He wasn't walting as a traffic warden as well perchance?
  12. moves in after one date?
    blimey she was keen or was she just taken in by the story?
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  13. Tbf coming from the isle of wight would give him gills and webbed feet hardly normal:)
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  14. Just noticed this ancient thread... I worked with the guy until recently. He’s still walting as an ex-para even though he’s been exposed. Some people can’t face the truth I guess
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