When two tribes go to war...

This year Bristol and London OTC gun troops merged to form one full 2 gun troop, despite this being good fun and great to have a full sized troop out and allowing bristol to be competitive, is it symptomatic of a general demise in the popularity of OTC gun troops, and what can be done to counter act it. Discuss.
More live ammo and more places on Brief Encounter! Not going to happen though, maybe some good 'rumour milling' / charachter assasination of other sub units before the 1st years choose could work.

Talking of KGVI, any news on a result yet? Hopefully they won't take as lng to decide this year.
the london gun troop will be back up to full strength now that we havent got you to put people off orifice.......

myself and the new JUO have lots of tricks up our sleeves which basically dont include you

anyone else see a reoccuring theme here?
How do u mean full strength PTI, more than 20? Surely though you'd want orifice back what with his bulk he easily counted for 4 people!
us not having two guns was about people not being qualified rather than lack of numbers, we could easily have made another gun with those who didnt really do alot or were drivers. as for you orrifice many athloners quoted one main reason for not joining guns, guess what it was? im sure PTI will tell you.
cos chob the homme is a c0ck juggling thunder cnut who takes it in the mouth.........

orificecadet said:
PTI you really are a pianist
why thank you, and you've never heard me play, on the other hand i'm told you're quite skilled at playing the pink oboe.......
Do what our bsm does. Promise 2 days deploying 105s from a chinook, clay pigeon shooting, and all sorts of fun stuff. Then once you've got everyone in, cancel them all! To be fair, we did get a day in the navy's helicopter dunk tank. That was brilliant fun. Watching non-swimmers panic and richochet around the submerged, pitch black, inverted cabin.
There is nothing funnier than watching someone have an eppy in a perfectly safe and controlled environment!

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