When to vacate a married quarter?

My last day in service is in february and i currently reside in a married quarter. Do i get 93 days from the last day of service to find some where new to live?

I have just received a letter from DIO saying that i have to be out on my last day in the Royal Navy, is this right? I am leaving the forces due to a medical discharge.
Not quite. You can apply to have the initial 93 days extended by further periods of 93 days - you just need a supporting letter from your CoC. Downside is you pay non-entitled rates but it does give you some breathing space.

Excerpt from JSP 464 below plus a link to the entire JSP (Pt 1 Ch 8).


c. Medical Discharge. For personnel compulsorily discharged on medical grounds, 93 days 'continued use and occupancy' of the SFA will be permitted after the date of discharge, at entitled SFA charges. Thereafter, extensions of up to 93 days at a time may be granted on compassionate grounds, at the discretion of the HIC, in consultation with the appropriate Local Service Commander, at non-entitled SFA charges.

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