When to train??

So im training for the army and I go for a 30-40 min run every second day, then do weights on the other days.

Ive been doing this in the mornings, straight after I wake up. But I'm wondering if it would benefit me more if I did it at night before I go to bed??? It would'nt hurt if I lost a few kg's in the process, but i'm by no means overweight.

Anyone have any ideas?? When is it better to train??

I cant train in the day

Thanks :D
Just train whenever you a) feel able to. B) are most able to fit it in. You will probably get some Doctor telling you there is an optimum training time, but any time is better than never !!
As the man says train whenever you can. In the morning can be good and will probably reflect when you will train once you join basic. Doctors do say though, sorry to prove you right NAP6W, that training in the afternoon or evening is better as your body is better prepared. Something to do with having enough nutrients and other such good things floating around your body. Open your runs up a bit longer and dont go crazy on the weights. The army is all about endurance not really how much you can lift. Do circuits and the like to help you out.

All the best and i hope it all goes well.

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