When to start applying?

Hi everyone,
Im thinking about joining the army but i have to do my leaving cert(A-levels) next June, i was just wondering if anyone have any advice when to join?
I presume your 17/18 now??
Start going through the process now, by the time you've had your initial chat and started the process its going to take 4-5 months minimum before ADSC. All tests last a year, so does medical so fits in perfect, even if you pass at ADS you can set an Earliest Enlistment date for when your A levels finish.

Have a look in the stickies, especially recruiters tips ones then nip into the ACIO and have a chat...worth taking your parents in aswell if thye have any questions.
ya im 17 now.So i should start applying next time im in the UK which will be on October?
I read the sticky about recruiters tips and i was just wondering for the 1st interview it says dress smart, would that be a suit job or just jeans and a shirt?
OK firstly its not an interview its an Initial contact visit.....so as long as your looking smart in say jeans polo top thats fine...first impressions do last so by the time of your Recruiters interview/Confirmatory interview go in a suit or shirt and tie and trousers minimum
ok thanks alot.By any chance do you know if AFCO are open on weekends or are they just open on week days?
im not sure but it usual takes 6-9 months.Im living in ROI, what are you planning on joining?
Honestly, start applying as soon as possible because if you get deferred for medical reasons then its a looonnngg process speaking from experience.

My process has taken so long that I have to re-sit the BARB and complete another rg8 as mine are now 'out of date'.

I applied over a year ago but im keeping calm and carrying on!
Ah hard luck mate, i hope it wont be another year for you. Im going to London next month so il start my application then :D

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