When to start applying?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by madhands, Feb 25, 2011.

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  1. I'm in my third of four years at uni and was wondering when do I realistically need to start applying for RMAS? I went to the careers office and the woman said that I should wait until I've finished uni until starting to apply. But reading through what people are doing on here I'm beginning to think otherwise. I was just wondering what everyone thought on the subject, do I need to get the ball rolling now, or should I just wait until I graduate? Cheers.
  2. Sooner you get the ball rolling, the more fam visits etc you can try to get on.
    Besides, do it nice and quickly and you can have guaranteed employment the moment you graduate - see how many of your peers have that.

    Out of interest - was this the university careers office, or an army careers office?
    If the former, disregard everything they say as tripe. Although I could just be jumping to conclusions based off the stuff that emanates from our one.
  3. Agreed, start asap. I started after I left uni and after my main board have been left with 3 months to get on as many visits as possible. Its actually quite a pain as several overlap so can't see everyone I'd like to.
  4. It was the army one. I was quite surprised she said it too, as I did think it takes a long time to process everything. She said something to with by the time I graduate all my details would be out of date. I didn't really think she knew what she was talking about really.

    Should I just go back down there and try to start the whole process then?
  5. Take my advice and apply yesterday. Things like getting a Briefing, getting your stuff together (med files particularly) and waiting for a Main Board date will take a year. Get it sorted soon as. More importantly, once you have your MB pass you will be taken a lot more seriously by the Army and might get to do things like attachments. Start today!
  6. Totally agree with this! Get on it ASAP.
  7. boohoo. At worst you'll have to duplicate forms that you did 18 months previously. In that 18 months you could get seriously stuck into the whole process.

    "Should I just go back down there and try to start the whole process then?"
    Probably a good move. If she brushes you off again, or just if you feel like it, post / pm me your location and I'll send you the details of your local Army Careers Advisor (HE).
  8. Thanks for the advice. I know I'm currently not fit enough to hack it. But that is all being sorted with a new training plan. Are there any specific things I need to be doing, CV isn't a problem, upper body strength is. Will this affect me when I go to the careers office, or should I have enough time to get back into proper shape?
  9. No phys at initial interview (or at least, I didn't...). You'll probably want to get up to speed before going to Westbury.

    When I say "probably" what I mean is "will".
  10. Do it now - you're probably not under immense pressure at uni, so if you left it to next year you would be focusing (hopefully) on your finals. Then after graduating, if you waited, you'll be focusing on getting a job so as not to be a waster. This will take alot of time. As previously mentioned, see how good a feeling it is to have a job in your back pocket already (assuming you pass AOSB of course), while others are sending out thousands (almost literally - hundreds is probably more like it) of job applications.

    Getting ready for the board is something you can do concurrently - getting into shape shouldn't take much more than 6 months and I would imagine they would take enough time processing stuff not to give you a date for pre-AOSB in the next couple of months (enough for you to see improvement and hopefully the board to as well).
  11. Yep. My application was fast-tracked after briefing, and it's still taken 6 months from initial ACA contact to AOSB Main Board pass. 8 months in total before starting at RMAS. So, as your application will have less urgency (I'm an old duffer, you see), it can well take around a year to get everything sorted. Go for it, and get running.
  12. Does anybody know where to find dates for AOSB Briefing and AOSB main boards?
    Im currently applying to commission from the ranks but am a little cut off from the world/hierarchy at the moment, apart from the internet ;)