When to hold 2 min silence

Hi All,

Hoping someone with a bit more historical or etiquette knowlege can answer a question that has come up today a work.

I'm working in Switzerland and a small group of us intend to get together on Friday and observe a two minute silence. I sent the email out and automatically arranged it for 11 o clock. It was then pointed out to me it should be 12.00 to align with the UK. Now as the arimistice was signed in Europe this would lead me to believe it should be 11 here in central Europe, but its raised a question none of us here can answer.

None of us are particularly worried when we do it, as its the act that is important not the time at which its performed, (and keeping it at 11.00 would seem both traditional and simple) I was just curious as this must have come up before. (10 years in BFG and I cant remeber what we used to do there)

Any light shed, much appreciated

Cheers for now

It was always 1100hrs local time if my fading memory serves me correctly.
Always 11 local....just imagine what the chaps in Aussie or NZ would have to do, they would have to get up at 4AM to observe two minutes of silence.

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