When to go to Fam Visit? PDA Question.

I had my officer initial interview today. I was given a Cat 2 - 3 Pass (Recommended I go to PDA....OR I can attend briefing immediately). The senior officer interviewing me said that I need to work on my communication skills, in particular my 'ice breaker' and articulation (I paused sometimes in mid-speech :/). He also said that the PDA is also a way for staff to assess my other skills.

So, the PDA is in January 2015 (3 months) and I hope to get the ball rolling afterwards with briefing + main board (around winter/spring respectively 2015). I want to know when is the standard time to attend a familiarisation visit, should I go now? After briefing? After main board? Who do I go to to arrange it? Are they mandatory?

Apart from the learning experience, will a Fam visit help my application (i.e: regiment support me joining)? Is there anything else I can do to help my application? ALSO - what are your views on PDA? is it worthwhile? Am I being fobbed off?

BTW: I hope to join the Rifles, I live in central London.


O11O1111O11O11O1, You can't attend fam visits until you have done briefing. I, like you, wrote to a few regiments before briefing and they all told me to wait until after briefing, some of the more prestigious ones told me to wait until after mainboard. You are given two by Capita to attend but I have read on here that you can go on more if you want but the Army won't fund your travel in doing so. I wish I had done a PDA, if you struggled a bit in the initial interview the PDA will really give you an idea on your character and your strengths and weaknesses. However, I haven't done it and so can't say it's worth while or not. I'm sure the Army wouldn't recommend it if it wasn't.


You can't go on a FAM visit for The Rifles until you've passed your Main Board. You can, however, have a very informative and entertaining interview with Maj D C Day before then. You need to contact your CSM and ask him or her for the Major's contact details, since he or she is the first person to contact for any kind of FAM visit.

By the way, what is the PDA? I've passed my Briefing too, but I've never heard of it.

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