When to fly flags?

Oh, bitchy, bitchy. I do hope your better half doesn't know what you write on here. You've still got to avoid the wrath of certain members on here though.

ETA Quick, remove that funny I gave you. Too late.

And spelling. Doh.
Safe mate, she stays in her place and I in mine. On top of that she had a hystericalectomy many, many years ago so never had the monthly thing since i have known her :-D
My girlfriends neighbour has this as a permanent erection. (It's a Bayern Munich flag for those not au fait with German footie).
She can't stand him or the team.:pissedoff:

What about your regimental? Does that get a showing?

It does on my manor, the colours of the royal corps, with my regiments number attached, get hoisted occasionally, when the mood takes me, I also have the cross of St George, and the union flag, I did have the black country flag, and left it up when we had that raging storm a few weeks back, it got shredded. The 7Mtr pole is in the back garden, as the council jobsworth said having it on the front lawn would distract motorists, also some arseh0le would probably steal them. There are a few poles in the area, not many, but its always an up lifting experience to see the nations flag, proudly waving in the breeze.
Maybe it's smoke!

Ground fog. Warm moist air off the river blown across cold land mass. Early morning jump. They did lose one in the river IIRC.

Mike McW in that pic and he reckons he came close to landing in the manzi, hence scaling the risers.


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Flying the Union Flag every day seems good. Not sure what the rules are about ensigns and standards.Why not fly the NATO flag?

Remember flag HOTEL for helicopter operations, FOXTROT for fixed wing flying, and ALFA for diving.

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