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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by kingcal91, Nov 13, 2008.

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  1. so the story so far is that I enquired about going to ACF harrogate in about August time and turns out i am 2 months over the age limit by the time the intake is (bummer), so i decided to go to sixth form and get some A-levels before re-applying, but i absolutley hate it and have made a huge mistake, i am looking to finishing this year in school and then going for the army, if i don't get in the army then i am applying for an apprenticeship at the same time as back-up but i will have to know if Army is a yes or a no by about september next year, so my question is, do i wait and apply in about July time when i start 'study leave' or maybe after christmas?
  2. I'd think about applying after Christmas as i left it till june this year while i was studying and i still haven't made it to selection yet. If you were to get defered like i have then you could have a long wait ahead of you but at least if your still at college you have somthing to do instead of being bored sitting around not doing much like me.
  3. how come you haven't been to selection my mate applied about then and he has been got deferred and been back since then and passed?
  4. I have been having to wait for an operation under general anesthetic to have a wisdom tooth out (yes that is the reason i was defered i was really annoyed when i got my letter). I've finaly got a date from the NHS (i would of gone private but couldn't afford to), which is a week on sunday :D I wasn't defered for a period of time but until i've met my conditions. I also had a friend apply at the ame time as me and he did selection about a monthe or so ago but he's not starting basic until March 30th 09. So you may have to wait for a while until you get to basic after selection.
  5. i understand that but i need to know if i am in or not before i start an apprenticeship
  6. Well i'd apply after christmas then. The earlier the better as some peoples applications, like mine take ages to go through and others can go through pretty quick. I was just making the point that it can take a very long time before you know if your in or not.
  7. apply as soon as possible, so you're on their books, but tell them when you want to enter training. That way, you can get all the thinking, the research on jobs, the BARB test, the little medical worries, the training issues, ADSC and everything else sorted in plenty of time and be really fit and raring to go when you walk into Phase One.