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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by briantwigley, Mar 7, 2012.

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  1. Hi all.

    Basically I am wondering when I should apply. At the moment I'm not at the fitness level required but I am rapidly bringing myself up to scratch working 5 days a week at the gym, mostly running and some weights training. I am not sure of exact timings for joining, but if it will be a couple of months before I need to take a fitness test, would it be wise to get things rolling now and send off my form?

    I can run the 1.5 miler in 11.18, do the 50 sit ups and almost 50 push ups, and thats from being able to do no push ups since Jan. However I am still at a BMI of 26 and have a moderate sized belly but I'm on a strict calorie controlled diet and it's working well.

    I also haven't decided on the exact job I want to do yet, either infantry or Intelligence but I will have decided before I have to actually choose. And I want to join as soon as I can really!


  2. If you want to join ASAP, get to the ACIO this afternoon.
  3. Worst part is I live in Shetland, so my nearest ACIO is in Aberdeen, 200 miles away either on a £200 plane ride or 14 hour ferry journey!
  4. Not my problem cupcake. Suck it up.
  5. Sure I'll swim it.
  6. Good man. That's the attitude. You'll go far.
  7. I think you're the first poster I've seen who's deciding between Int. and Inf. haha.

    And to chip in, get the ball rolling now!
  8. Do it now. It takes a while anyway.
  9. Apply now as it might take upto a year from application to day one training.

    And keep the fitness up, at least yer honest about it. and good luck.
  10. Firstly contact the ACIO and see if they send a Recruiting team over to the Shetlands and ask there advice on the process, the online application doesn't really speed things along as all that happens in the end is the initial interview will be booked through the ACIO which you could of done yourself at a more convenient time. I'm not to sure how the sweaty Socks run things up there and if you will need a passport/Visa/Immunisations against rabies etc (OK Joking) coming from the Shetlands but sure the Recruiters up North will of had this scenario before and better to advise.
  11. One of the most pleasant starts to an Arrser's beginning on this forum? You must have hit the right buttons, ryan!
  12. I know! No one called me cupcake. :(

    P.s - I'd get the ball rolling because as said before it can take a while. When I start basic in June, it'll be a year and 7 months since I applied. Thats with passing ADSC with an A grade 7 months after applying.