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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by the_seraph1m, Jan 30, 2009.

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  1. ok so ive decided that joining up is something i WILL be doing... the BARB seems easy enough and the basic skills i should ace...

    the physical side however, i am lacking....

    obviously i am in the process of getting into a shape where i can pass the run test thing and the excercises things...

    at the minute i doubt i could run 1.5 miles at all (dont laugh...) and as my own bodyweight is somewhere in the 250lb region... pull/push ups are hard... sit ups are ok, i do 3 reps of 70 when i do them :( and their pretty easy, never done it timed though....

    what i want to know is when would be the best time to start the application process... once ive spoken to the recruiter, roughly how long will i get to train before ADSC? i want to join REME (still havent worked out if you jain as a REME or join the REME's eitherway lol...)

    so how should i proceed from here?
  2. It takes a month or two to get to the selection centre at best..

    Get out running most nights, repetitive excercises (push ups etc) every day or so, you'll be fit in no time

    Cut the alcohol and the ******* greasy KFCs and eat better and you'll be ok.
  3. might be a good idea to apply now and give you some motivation on your fitness, your recruiter wont put you up for selection before your ready so dont worry.
  4. What this man says is correct.

    Never in my life have I trained like I am after putting my application form in.
  5. when i first went in i recieved a massive poster with an exercise planner on it, has all the info you could need for getting fit.

    Another option is joining a gym and asking for a personal trainer, expensive but ive heard it works, my father was a bit weighty but did that and now he's skinny as fook!

    good luck either way
  6. 250lb is 19st you must be over 6' and built like a terminator. If you struggle to run 1.5 miles you are in bad shape. are you a chunky monkey or a temple. either stop eating junk or stop pumping iron and start swimming as this will tone your whole body and is less likely to screw your knees up. Swimming is a great way to get fit and build endurance, if you start jogging at your weight you will do some damage to your knees. a couple of months swimming will get you used to exercise and shed some llbs and then you can jog to the gym as well. i wouldnt apply until you are near the bft time of 10:30. even if you scrape through you will find all the other phys hard. PM me if you want more info
  7. I suddenly feel lighter at 205lbs
  8. i resent the implication that i drink alcohol and eat shit... i eat fairly well and i gave up drinking 14 months ago

    i just dont really excersise... i had a knee injury that is now healed (hence no lower body strength) i am 6'1" and i am very broad... ex rugby player but alas my knee was dislocated and required later surgery (has had plenty of recovery time now so shouldnt get a medical deferral)

    i am going to get in touch with the recruiters tomorrow... and i have already stepped up my excersise routine.

    i just wanted to know if its like a 9 month thing or a 6 month thing i kinda needed to do it now... but if its 2-3 months i may hold back for a while

    but then you lot did say the recruiter wont put me forward till im ready,

    oh and i already got that big poster thing from the TA (im friends with the OC at 37 signals)
  9. if your knee injury was bad and in the last 2 years you will probably be defferred.

    i has osgood schlatter in my right knee, but they said it was ok because 2 years had passed.

    make sure your knees are ok as apparently they are the no 1 reason for people failing basic.

    good luck
  10. I have that osgood thing as well. Didn't get a mention in my medical (thank god). Like Smuggling golf balls in my knees.