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Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by exbleep, Apr 24, 2011.

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  1. Some areas in London are considering parking fees for bicycles! More and more councils are charging residents to park outside their own home. In Leicester today, I notice some areas which used to be free parking on Sundays have now scrapped that. Travelling on a plane, they used to carry your suitcase for you and give you a cup of tea and a sarnie or a "full" meal if you were going long distance. Now, they charge 20 odd quid for the suitcase, 3 quid for a cup of tea and take out a second mortgage for a sandwich. Even sitting next to the person you're travelling with will cost you an extra 6 to 10 quid. They used to give you a ticket for your flight then they said you'd have to pay to get a paper ticket. So you book on line and they have now introduced a charge for doing that even though you are using your own paper and ink to print it off. You have to put liquids and creams in a plastic bag and they charge you a quid for 2 bags for that privilege. Most airports now charge you for a trolley to lug your cases around and some charge a quid or two for dropping off or collecting passengers (just last year short term parking was free for up to 10 or 15 minutes). You can pay extra to push in at the queue for security and one airport has even started charging for entering departures. The UK never used to charge a departure fee but they soon cottoned on to that money spinner. If I wanted a telephone number, I used to phone Directory Enquiries and they'd give me the number for free. Now you have to dial a 118 number, get charged for them giving you the number and, if you say yes when they say do you want me to connect you, they add on another fee! (You can get a few numbers a day on line but that doesn't help if you are in a phone box). Buying things on line used to be dead easy, select what you wanted, enter your credit/debit card number and wait for delivery. Now, companies are sticking on extra charges, sometimes up to 100 times more than they pay, as a card "administration" fee. As I have not yet found a way of stuffing used fivers down the phone, I'm at a loss to understand how else I can pay!
    Any other examples of what we used to get for free which companies (and government departments) now charge us for?
  2. Was thinking about this the other day, when I saw on TV a council charging for people to go to the bulk waste place with the skips and all, they were asking people what they tought about it and they all said, better this than not have the facility.

    The dumb complacent ***** don't realise they are already paying for it with their council tax and are now paying for it again!

    That really boils my piss, especially as our local council only collect rubbish once a fortnight now, but haven't reduced my council tax in line with the reduced services Wotta a fuckin joke.

    Might have to emigrate to a 3rd world country, at least when there you get **** all, you know your not paying for it, and then getting **** all.
  3. Air and water at a garage.

    Still amazes me that enough people will actually pay for this that it makes it worth while putting the machines in.

    Still free in every single garage here, though I am not confident it will stay the way.
  4. 2 from this week
    Can only pay on line using Credit Card or PayPal- no debit card option
    Credit Card admin fee £10:45p
    Charge for using PayPal £4:30p
  5. Well, we are stupid enough to put up with it. The French would be on mass strikes by now.
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  6. European Health Insurance Cards (E111) are my personal favourite at the moment, you can pay;
    £10 to do it online
    £2 to do it via the Post Office
    Free (ish) when you ring the 0845 number.

    Cloakroom charges at nightclubs still boil my piss though.
  7. My beer jacket keeps me warm. I must save a fortune on nightclub coak rooms.
  8. I did mine for free online. There were sites that you can go through and they will charge you for submitting the form on your behalf.

    Go through the NHS link (https://www.ehic.org.uk/Internet/home.do) and not the sponsored links when you google 'EHIC'
  9. You forgot the one that half of supermarkets now charge you 5p for a carrier bag. "To encourage recycling"? They must think their customers are stupid/gullible as well as rich.

    And seeing as we were talking about it the other day, does anyone else get pissed off when you go to a nightclub and there is some big man stood in the toilet watching you piss and has a little metal dish on his trolley and he actually expects you to pay for the pleasure of having a slash because he gives you a tissue to dry your hands. When I'm out in London paying £4 for a pint, I draw the line at having to pay to go and piss it out.
  10. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    The stupidity of charging people to use the Council tip is that it encourages fly-tipping, which the Council has to clear up.
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  11. Waterloo station now charge a 30p entrance fee for spending a 1d
  12. Get a trolley full of stuff (or two trolleys full if you are feeling evil) and put it all on the till conveyor belt. Then ask for a carrier bag and when told it will cost just say "oh in that case I will shop somewhere else" and then walk off leaving all the stuff behind.

    Worked really well last time it was done and stopped the shops charging for bags until the green lobby got involved and the shops saw a way to make even more profit.

    Or of course if you want to be green yourself then take your own storage containers to the shop and repack all the stuff you buy into these and throw all the packaging away in the shops own bins.
  13. I keep a stash of spare carrier bags from a different supermarket that I take when I go shopping, allways gets there backs up when Im cutting about there shop with a different shops bags.

    Reference the blokes in the pyssers who want you to pay them for washing your own hands, I simply fcuk them off after I've had a nice leasuirly washing of my hands and taken my time to dry them. I quite enjoy the look on ther face as I walk past and give them fcuk all.
  14. Sadly, au contraire, the Council have no responsibility for clearing up fly-tipped rubbish on private land - that responsibility lies with the landowner. So the people picking up the tab for Councils double-charging for the use of the tip are actually the poor bloody farmers. Where the 'tipped' waste poses an environmental safety risk, Councils are 'encouraged' to do something about it. Unfortunately, they tend to take that encouragement as meaning they enforce clear-up by the land owner, rather than do anything about it themselves. If I was on the receiving end, I would seek to sue the Council for contributory negligence.
  15. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Was in Gib last week came back with some change including a slack handfull of £ coins, first one went into the ******* machine to get a baggage trolley in Birmingham. **** em. planning on getting the **** out of dodge as soon as I can afford it. country has gone to **** and I'm not interested in hanging around trying to fix it.
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