When the wedding crasher strikes

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Closet_Jibber, Nov 17, 2009.

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  1. Having been out for a wee while now its been a while since I have stolen the guitar off one of the band members to play smoke on the water whilst trying to successfully make the journey to the water feature in the garden without being dragged back inside. Real people don't find this kind of thing funny.

    However its nice to know some random Ginger Ninja is covering all bases until I get my chance again.

  2. Good drills that woman! It looked like it was stacked full of totty too.
  3. See! It serves them right for not inviting me. Had I been in attendance that Gwar would not have been making an arrse of herself on the "Danger Do Not Touch Hazard" Pole. She would have been cringing as I shouted into her ear, spilling my pint on her shoes telling her that I didn't actually mind red heads that much (Blatant Fibs ofcourse but she seems the most game).
  4. Sounds like every wedding I've been to in the last five years.

    I'm getting a little worried as the new domestic head shed wants me to go to one in a few weeks, with a bunch of strangers I've never met... But as she says "it'll be OK, one of them is in the RAF" :roll:
  5. I must admit I went to a mates sons christening not long ago and my only saving grace from pulling my ears off and crying (Real deep, weird man crying) was an ex bootie who I over heard stating that the Baby was bolocko and that was as good as calling "Naked Bar." Much bezzering followed and the assault on the buffet was of note!
  6. Ah well maybe all is not lost then! But if there is a big fuck off tent I shall give the pole dancing a try!