'When the shit hits the fan'

If somone was nicking your neighbour's plasma TV, would you do something other than grab your video camera and sell the story to the SUN?????? If yes, there's hope..... if not, put the sideboard in front of the door and the first one through is getting two in the chest and one in the head!!!!!!
It will be grim for a while. Benefits dependancy is like crack cocaine. Getting off it hurts. (Mind you, not getting on it in the first place is a far better idea.)
Fortunately, even the reduced forces of law and order should be able to deal with it, as the rioting proles will, in most cases, be lard arsed, drunk, drugged and nicotine ridden sacks of pus with the stamina to be expected of a Ginster's addict, and with tactical and strategic planning honed by years of playing 'Medal of Honor' on their stolen Playstations.
That "Silverbear" chap is a survivalist walt. His writings remind me of the mall ninja:

"As soon as I close the elevator door, the s*** bag attacks me again. I guess he felt humiliated in front of the woman he beat up. He tried to grab me the same way I did. I knew that this was getting out of hand and I completely lost patience with this clown.

I brought my serrated Cold Steel El hombre from my pocket and placed the dull side against his arm. He got the message instantly a let go of me. Once he did this I shoved him against the elevator, my forearm pressing against his neck and the knife under the neck as well. He calmed down instantly, saying he was sorry, bla ,bla, bla.

When we got out of the elevator I told him that if he ever got close to me or my family again I would put a bullet in his head.

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