When the Kaballah isnt enough...

I just love how tons of money chases all reason and intelligence from a person's head.

here we have Madonna, seer into the Kaballah -Jewish Black Magic -now finding that Yahweh in all His wisdom isn't good enough.. Seems to improve her love life and seek harmony she must wear pink quartz crystals in her bra and panties.. to ensure ' balance ' or some such and make f*cking better or some suh..
and not only does she have to do this..she has to breathlessly let the world know it through press release/articles in magazines..

Great.. now all sorts of dozy women will be walking around with lumps of quartz in the shorts in the hopes that they'll get a better shag..

the guys better weatch out, though, they could get a nasty cut...
Ahh makes it more of a challenge to get in their knickers to get that quartz abit like the crystal maze!When time runs out your locked in :?
Hell, I've carried a big enough lump in my shorts, mind it seems more like granite than something sissy like quartz. Leonard and Corp have their lumps in their shorts, but they carry them in the back, not the front.

BTW, good to see ya again Rocketeer, if it isn't out of keeping with the topic of the thread and all. It's good to see you, but definitely not THAT good.

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