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Most people have their own opinions on sixth sense (not the BFG-based rag!), or ESP, or whatever you might want to call it, but has anyone had any examples of when you know something isn't quite right, you can't put a finger on why, and you are eventually proven correct? I personally refer to it as "the hair on the back of my neck tingling", I am perfectly aware that there are proven neuorological explanations for the phenomenon of "deja-vu", but this I think is slightly different.

If I can cite a few examples:

Years ago, I had parked my dog outside a supermarket and as I was going around the place, I got an extremely strong urge to chin off the shopping and get back to the car. I cut my shop-ex off early, paid for my basket of stuff, and as I got out to where I'd left the dog on the lead, there she was being led away by some gyppo kids from the local "traveller site". I nearly lamped the little c@nts.

Again, years ago, I was in a tempestuous relationship with one of the Province's daughters. Tall, intelligent, killer smile, but could be Satan's Dobermann when the mood took her. Over the course of a long hot summer I began to get the impression that something wasn't right but I couldn't nail down exactly what. We were still sleeping together, holidaying together, I'd met her extended family in Larne, but something wasn't ringing true. One evening, as I was on the phone to her, I clicked that the reason for this might be the fact that one of our mutual friends had been visiting her area and I knew that they'd "been in touch". The following evening, I was talking to her landline - landline, and I picked up my mobile and rung his number - funnily enough, I could hear it in the background of the landline. I left them to it.

I was in the cadets whilst at school (late 1980s), and one summer camp I was detailed to do some work on a cadre with another senior cadet from a nearby Company. I NB'ed from the get-go that there was something awry with this lad, but I couldn't pin down what it was. I made the point to the CFAV running our cadre that I didn't think this bloke was right, but was told "Crack on, Lofty". How my chin hit the floor when, on the second last day of said summer camp, this lad was recalled home by his parents, as the local police wanted to interview him about a particularly serious indecent assault on a minor.

Anyone else got any examples of "the hairs on the back of the neck tingling" and there subsequently being some grounds to it?
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I had a moment.


I had quite an experience three or four years ago.

I'd drove up to the in-laws to take their hound for a walk with our Labrador. They've got a nice wee bridal path behind their house which goes off past the school field and into the woods. Now, it was a late autumn morning and we'd been walking for only a couple of minutes, when I heard a horse coming up behind me, so without looking back, I moved over to one side of the path with the dogs to let the horse past.

I could hear the horse walking up behind me, getting closer and closer, louder and louder. It got to the stage where it sounded like the horse was just behind me but keeping pace. I moved the dogs over further, just in case the horse was skittish around them, but all I could hear was this horse behind me. I moved over to the verge and stopped, looking over towards the horse. Only there was nothing there, I could see for miles around, there was no f├╝cking horse.

Immediately, the hair on the back of my neck stood up and I could feel goose-pimples emerge across my shoulders and down my arms. Both the dogs were very antsy, with my poor old Tommy cowering and the in-laws's bonsai Alsatian growling in the direction of where I'd heard the "horse". I heard the "horse" pass right by me, but could see absolutely nothing.

At this point, I realised that discretion was a higher form of valour and walked the dogs straight home. I sat down and had a brew - giving the dogs a handful of treats each, if I hadn't quit smoking by this point I'd have probably "done" a whole packet.

I was sober and 36 years old.
Seeing some weird fella walking along towards me on a hilltop near Swanage, something just made me shiver

Then I literally saw them fade away in broad daylight
Seeing some weird fella walking along towards me on a hilltop near Swanage, something just made me shiver

Then I literally saw them fade away in broad daylight
That was me, f*cking pot holes.....
My old dear has been in hospital for the last few months and a week or so ago a very poorly woman in the bed next to her passed away.
She was always crying out and was not the quitest of neighbours, the night that she carked it though she was unusually vocal and kept crying out for Desmond and asking why he couldn't hear her.
My mum asked her daughter about it in the morning when she came to pick up her stuff and it turns out Desmond was her mums brother in law who had passed away about four years ago.

I have had a few weird coincidences and some of them scarily freaky, but would prefer to keep them to myself.

Edit to add. What I found a bit freaky was that apparently she wasn't calling out to Desmond himself, but was asking "Why can,t he hear me".
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I was in a fire once, really hot when I felt the hairs on the back of my neck tingling, I wondered what was happening, then I realised.....

.....my hair was burning.

Deleted 154930

Worst for me... When your child, tells you in their cot, after putting them to bed.. "That a bad monster was chased away by angels" and then starts pointing at the angels. Nowt there, but didn't I have that feeling. Told the wife and she went into a meltdown.
Local club always had the story of the ghost, sounds coming from empty rooms, glasses falling in the bar, clock vibrating on the wall.

At the end of a very good music evening, SWMBO went to get her handbag from the floor next to her chair. The denim strip of the zip pull was tied in an overhand knot around the chair leg. I got the blame. Over the next couple of days, everyone blamed me, said it was me pulling a prank. I must admit, I wish I had done it, but I honestly didn't. I even tried to do it, with witnesses, but I could not physically tie it while sat in my seat.

A hotel in Margate. Coming back from a day of getting paid to fly kites, my team mate and I decide to forego the rickety, tiny lift, and walk up the stairs. Doug left the stairs on floor two, heading off to his room, underneath mine.

I walked up to the next floor, two flights of stairs. As I exited the stairwell, I look along the corridor and saw Doug putting his key into the door! I drank well that night :)
During the winter of 2009 my father in law fell ill with pneumonia, being admitted to hospital just before Christmas. He was induced into a coma to allow the drugs to work better. I drove the family each day to see him due to the crap weather and lying snow. I didn't go in to see him at all once in the coma, as I am a big girls blouse with hospitals and all the equipment that people are attached to. I waited each day away outside the intensive care ward.

On the last visit I was waiting outside in a room where I could not see into the ward. I felt something was not right and wanted to go into the ward to see the Father in Law and be with the family. I got to the door and rang the bell and the door was opened within seconds by the Mrs coming out in tears. Her dad had just died.

I have no idea how I knew something was wrong, my skin was just crawling and I felt the urge to go in.

My brother past away I was the only one in there for a second or two unknown movement came away with his passing,
You could say it was emotional but it happened again when my mum in law past,, and I am a non beleaver, I have seen a few pass but these two stick out
Mate has a cross alsatian/wolf, not too surprisingly the critter would sometimes howl this stopped when dog had his nuts removed .
The dogs best mate in the local park was an elderly terrier, when this dog was put to sleep the wolfdog howled inconsolably at the exact time of the deed.
They were several miles apart at the time.
In my flat in northern Galilee in 1988 I was suddenly woken around 2 am by an awful, long scream, that basically scared the sh*t out of me. It was summer, the balcony door and windows were open. With the hair on the nape of my neck still standing I walked out onto the balcony and looked around. Everything seemed totally peaceful. I came back into the room and lay back down on my mattress on the floor. Then I heard a sound like approaching rolling thunder coming from underneath me. It came closer and closer and then the whole apartment gave a little twisting jump, even making a squeak. An hour later the radio reported a 3.5 earthquake in our area. I realised that what I thought was a scream was one of the neighbour's dogs, which seemed to have sensed the oncoming event.

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