when should i start my application.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by smart, May 4, 2009.

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  1. hi lads want to join QDG,but going on hols in august,also i went to join them about 2 years ago but my misses found out she was pregnant so never went with it but did barb test and passed.so do u think my application is still active?.
  2. start your application u prob wont finsh it before august anyway if so justy say you cant go in august.
  3. Start it now. The only thing you could worry about is ADSC...but you can easily request another date if it conflicts.
  4. I'd go for around quarter past 4 today give or take a couple of minutes :roll:

    But seriously though, as soon as possible.
  5. As the others said ASAP it takes longer than you think and it could be longer with apparently more people applying due to the current circumstances. Also if you want to go into a specific trade, the intakes are less frequent and some people have to wait 6 months to start basic as a result.
    As already said, you can always ask to make sure you have any interviews ADSC dates at another time.
  6. hi all they told me i dont need to go to ADSC.because i was in and out of army in 2002.got discharged for compassionate reasons.said i need to loss 2st.and go to lichfield for medical and come home same day.