When Should I Receive My Gratuity?

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by AndyMack, May 4, 2012.

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  1. I have recently been discharged after 24 Years Service and was under the impression that I would receive my Lump Sum and Pension within 7 - 10 days of discharge.

    So far no sign of either in my account although I did receive my final wage.

    Anyone else discharged recently? If so how long did it take for your payment to hit your bank?

    Thanks for any input :)
  2. Andy

    My discharge date was 07 Dec 10, and I received my lump sum on 28 Dec 10. So I think their guidelines are within 3 weeks of discharge. If you haven't received it by then give SPVA a call on their freephone number.
  3. Thanks for your reply. I'll stop flapping for a bit. All still a bit new to me this Civie stuff lol. I have the number ready on speed dial though. Thanks again.
  4. It might take a bit longer though, I was MD'd in February 2006. Lump sum came through in June & medical pension didn't kick in until August 2006.

    Just roll a die & hope it's a six!
  5. Just phone them, they don't bite. I phoned them about D+5 days and they said my pension had been calculated the day before and lump sum would be in bank within 3-5 days. And it was.

    Email: JPAC@spva.mod.uk
    Tel: Freephone: 0800 085 3600 MOD: 94560 3600
    Overseas: +44 141 224 3600
    Address: JPAC Enquiry Centre,
    Mail Point 403, Kentigern House, 65 Brown Street, Glasgow, G2 8EX

    Ivan, I can only guess the 'medical' bit was the reason for your delay.
  6. Final day was 3 Dec, lump sum was paid by 10 dec and first pension payment was the last fri of the month, just like pay.
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  7. Andymack,

    SPVA quote up to 30 days to get your lump sum to you, although anything more than 14 days is very rare. You will have been given that information as part of your discharge admin.

    Good luck in civvy street.
  8. I left on 14 Nov, lump sum arrived 10 days later, pension started 5 Dec. As long as you filled out your pension paperwork correctly youve really got nothing to worry about.
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  9. Thank you all for your replies. I have now confirmed that I should receive it by the end of next week, very nice and helpful folk at SPVA. The only problem was that although I had edited my post discharge address on JPA their records show the original address I had inputted (my Daughters) so I had to inform them in writing, now done so all hunky-dory.

    Unfortunately my Discharge Admin was not the best due to my last Unit having just deployed to OP HK taking the SMEs with them, not the young clerics fault, their main concern was getting my ID Card and making sure I had signed the Official Secrets Act :/

    Again thanks for all your input.

    Correct Postal address should anyone need it:

    Pensions Division
    65 Brown Street
    G2 8EX

    The telephone number is in one of the earlier replies :)
  10. Just out of interest I checked my bank statement and it was 16 days from my last paid day to receipt of the gratuity in my account last year. I had the same problem as you with post-discharge address but it wasn't a big deal - once your pension is being paid you can change your correspondence address with a phone call to xafinity Paymaster (0845 121 2514). They'll make the change after asking you a couple of security questions, and apparently it also updates the SPVA data ('cos I've had stuff from them to the right address since then).

    I've decided being a grotty civvy isn't so bad. Good luck with it!
  11. I was pleasantly surprised by the efficiency of the Xaffinity mob. From tax coding to establishing payment of gratuity and all manner of other bone questions I had, I found them both informed and professional. Just what you need when entering civvy strasse.
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  12. SPVA have 30 days to pay your gratuity but usually do better than that. Feedback I have had suggests that they manage it within 7-14 days.
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  13. Cable Ties, beware Paymaster has lost the Pensions contract and CSC (remember the failed NHS system?) take over later this year.
  14. Left on Mon, got letter explaining how much I was getting on Fri, was in the bank next Weds. I was pleasantly surprised. Also got my Veterans badge a couple of weeks before I finished. Now all I need to do is spend it!
  15. Hope your right my mortgage bods are getting itchy fingers :)