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Eveytime im working on my run, i get a stitch in my side and is realy starting to piss me off, what ever i do, i keep getting it, not eating, not drinkning right before, drinking before my run ect, and i still keep getting stitch

also appart from the obvious of running constantly, would fartlek be the best method of training ?

I appreciate any help guys

When I started running I always made sure I could comfortably talk, to myself sometimes.. or with mates if we were running together, that way I knew I wasn't pushing myself to hard.

Sounds like your just trying too hard
Breath in through the nose -and out through the mouth!
Works for me, dont know if its because it naturally slows you down very slightly as you cant breathe as fast through your nose when you are hooped.
A stitch will usually go after 2-3 mins, and if you are in a squadded run you need to learn to punch through the pain as you dont really want to slow down now do you?

Fartlek training is done if you are working on your recovery rate, say for playing football where you are putting in frequent small bursts of effort rather than running solid for 90 mins.
Focus on breathing out (as in, really force the air out of your lungs when breathing out before your next intake of breath), after 30 seconds or so this should help ease it.


Slow your pace down and get your breathing sorted i had the same problem with my right side, I found it was all down to the music i was listening to when running the beat was fast which made me run to it. So changed music to a slower pace no problems since weird i know.


The pain may be caused by a spasm of the diaphragm, the muscle that controls your breathing. Probably because your breathing isn't controlled and the diaphragm may be straining, if you are running with poor form or posture or if you are running too soon after eating your heavy stomach may literally be tugging at the ligaments connected to the diaphragm. Or you may simply be running too fast for your body's breathing machinery to keep up. Another possible cause may be a lack of potassium.

Solution: Eat a banana or something with a high potassium level about an hour or so prior to running. A stitch will usually go away quickly after just slowing down or stopping. If you're in a race or you just don't want to stop you can often make it go away by bringing your breathing into careful control. Concentrate on belly breathing, pushing your belly out when you breathe in and relaxing it as you breathe out.



Cheers guys, was having a speak with my dad today too ( mum and dad recently split up) and he says that i should try and focuson doing larger distance at a slower pace?

Will get mother to buy bananas next time, she'll think something is wrong with me :)

Cheers Guys (&gals?)


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