When roads collide

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Dogdrool, Aug 3, 2013.

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  1. I quite often listen to the local travel news to see whats going on around here, and for some reason I thought about the bulletin with a completely different slant to it.

    There had been an accident between Hollyhedge Lane and Raliegh St. Nothing wrong with that, until it struck me that two roads had collided causing the usual mayhem.

    Did the emergency service 's turn up? they sure did, there where Tarmac trucks everywhere putting bandages on the lane which where pressed into place with a steamroller.
    Why would two roads be racing around causing accidents like boy racers and where they insured?

    Does anyone else here put there own slant to anything they hear that makes them laugh when looked at from another angle?
  2. Every time I hear the phrase "road blocked due to a shed load" I cant but think "A shed load of what", and how big was the shed if its contents cold block a road.

    ooops, just mentioned Sh*d, someone will be along in a minute to say that it was a deltic shed, oh bugger, done it again. Think I better stop before I get onto assorted weaponry.
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  3. The M25 between jnc 8 & 5 should have it's own radio station!
  4. I've always wondered what occasional tables are the rest of the time.
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  5. .....and that trouble causing woman Elaine Closure needs a slap!
  6. Heard two different news bulletins that made me think twice.
    "A man found stabbed in his garage! (Where exactly on him is that and I bet it was fucking painful)
    and Man stabbed in the Moss side area (Oooerrr Mrs)
    Who the fuck writes their reports?