When questioned...

From BBC news today

"Michael Barrymore is to answer bail later after he was quizzed by police over the death of a man found dead by a swimming pool at his former home"

When asked about the incident he commented (allegedly)

"that he had no ashtrays in his house and always disposed of his used fags in the pool"

Either way he's guilty - as not quite yet charged - on the grounds of being a poof 8O
Never liked Barrymore TBH. Always struck me as a 4th rate amateur dramatics version of Larry Grayson and too far up his own arrse.

Then again, that might have been someone else.....
eggnog said:
To the hole, methinks.
and me.
You are going to barrymores hole? well you wouldn't be the first, and if he goes to prison you won't be the last either.
jaybee2786 said:
where he may hear "nice to see you see you nice" before the jobby jabbing begins
He's going to be put in a cell with Bruce Forsyth? I know he's a terrible presenter, but I don't know that I'd call bruce criminal...


Book Reviewer
I have no live gays, poofs, lesbians or transexuals in my possession, sah!

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