When payments to a soldier might be stopped?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Oct 16, 2005.

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  1. After dicision of his immediate commander

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  2. After decision of his senior commander

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  3. After being interviewed by Military Police

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  4. After being charged

  5. Only after decision of court

  1. Suppose that a soldier violates a law (or it thought to be violated). Then at what moment he might be suspended on full pay?

    Note: I beg not to discuss concrete cases there for obvious reasons.

    Also I would like to see your comments on related topics:

    Maybe a law (a rule) about suspendings of payments exists? How it looks exactly?

    Investigation could be very long - 1, 2 or more years. Should time interval for the suspending on payments be limited? For example, after 4 months full payment should be restored anyway.

    PS. Bear in mind that anybody could find humself in this situation.
  2. Sorry, Sergei, but I think you'll find that just about everyone (insofar as they're former or serving soldiers) will opt (vote) for waiting until after a court decision.
    What a bone place to ask such a question.

  3. Hi Bugsy!

    Recently I have read in one British newspaper:

    Note: it is not an attempt to discuss any concrete case.

    Frankly speaking I expect that the majority would agree with the last option. So the question itself is rather retoric I should confess.

    Really I wait for comments on my other questions.
  4. You'll find that most organisations, especially the large bureaucratic ones, suspend on full pay whilst the circumstances behind the suspension are investigated.

    Police forces seem to crop up with monotonous regularity for suspending officers on full pay for a year or more, and if you look at the NHS, a Doctor/Consultant might go for two years on full pay before the GMC gets around to pronouncing judgement. In fact, the GMC are passing back to the employer all non-medical referrals in an attempt to speed up their process.

    And it's right and proper in my opinion.

    The onus is on the employer to prove that someone has done wrong - why should an individual be out of pocket because of a potentially malicious complaint?

    The media reacts as though it's terrible that someone is being paid whilst suspended, rather than being outraged that someone has been denied justice for that period of time.
  5. As I understand (at least read about it on ARRSE pages) British armed forces are the best ones in the World. British military should be regarded as an example for many. Even our American friends have much to do to reach British level.

    Is British army simply one of many bureaucratic organisations? Absolutely disagree.

    But I understand another thing. Nobody knows when, by whom, on what ground he could be voided his salary.
  6. Once the Monkey, who run the Forest that time, received an order from almighty Eagle and sent Wolves and Hawks to the Desert. But the Kiwi refused. What the Monkey, Brown Bear and the Rat could do? They decided to put the Kiwi into the Cage. And before the trial the Rat stopped payments to the Kiwi.

    Was an action of the Rat rightful?

    Please in answers use words - Monkey, Rat, Kiwi, forest and so on.