When our boys come home

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DodgerH, Jun 1, 2006.

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  1. Tune in tonight BB2 at 2100hrs

    Documentary about three British soldiers who were badly injured while serving in Iraq.

    The lads talk about their experiences of war and the pain and suffering they have endured,including disturbing flashbacks.

  2. That'll be fun.
  3. do you reckon it will have them on a monumental drinking sesh' cos i know thats what i would do (or did, mind i was fortunate to come home unscathed)

  4. Got the tee shirt have you.....it was just a bit of info for those interested.
  5. are they from a wide selection of telics or all from the same one?

  6. Not sure on that one Slates..
  7. Not sure if this has been on before

    When Our Boys Came Home

    Thu 1 Jun, 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm 60mins

    Over 100 British troops will never return from Iraq because they have been killed in action, but what of those who return alive but injured? This film captures the pain and suffering of three men who served our country when we sent them to war. One suffered burns and serious facial injuries; another lost a leg, and another is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Their lives were changed forever, but their voices are seldom heard when the rights and wrongs of the Iraq War are fought over.

    Diane ( Sorry copied and pasted )
  8. i hope this is a good program ..im always concerned as to how the injured seem to go forgotton ..
  9. MOD getting the stick. I like the fact that the QRL lad said that his Regiment were supporting him. The Scots lad has got off his arse and set up a unique business which seems valid, the Marine seems to be getting no support really, fellow Marines not visiting him because he's had a break down.

    A sad story for the loader/op with his crew getting killed, he is a genuine bloke.

    Seems to me that they are quickly forgotten by the MOD.
  10. Bit choked and somewhat humbled watching this programme. Puts things into perspective.
  11. Wasn't being snide. It didn't make particularly pleasant viewing. Like the man said "you never think about coming back minus something."

    Once again the MoD cover itself in glory for their compassion.
  12. I echo the sentiments alreqady expressed.

    3 thoroughly decent guys who deserve a lot better from the MOD.

    This country's apparent indifference to it's armed forces is nothing short of scandalous.

  13. Government sends you to Iraq, You go and do your duty,get Injured. Then the Government Forgets about you.

    Cheers Tony and Co. You have re-assured thousands of service personel, that they will have your support. Not!! :evil:

    Best wishes to all Involved in the programme.
  14. I agree also excellent and humbling programme, with 3 cracking and positive lads in it .
    I thought this was a very good insight for people to see the realities of war, and the effects it has on the human spirit, I knew the C/Sgt in passing, purely by going to Tech for kit etc, and I never realised till later on that he had been injured, and he was a very funny character, with all the usual Scottish patter, he never gave away even a hint of what happened to him, which I thought was amazing.

    The QRL lad well, as a Tankie myself, a Blue on Blue was my main fear out their, why and how it happened is of no solace for anyone including him. But yet again the strength of character in that lad is outstanding, the way he is so positive about his future and is getting on with it is fantastic. And well done to QRL, as how often do we hear of Regiments actually caring about their soldiers, after the fact.

    The Marine SSM, well once again he has done and doing really well, to get through such an emotionally turbulent part of his life, with little or no support from the Marines or MOD, but most importantly his friends and colleagues, I hope to god they watched that programme and sort their acts out and pick up the phone.

    When your involved in something like going to war, and whether you are married or not. The guys, who are to the left and right of you, are so important, and probably more so when you get back. There is next to no point even worrying about what the MOD thinks as the QRL lad said he is, and we all are just numbers to them, but Regiments friends and family are so important.
  15. Considering that the 2 physically injured guys were both victims of blue on blue the attitude of the MOD is crass.

    It is no use blaming Blair and the Government either. The MOD have always been the same. Spineless civvies & career Ruperts who are afraid to rock the boat.