When Our Boys Came Home - BBC1 25/7

Morty said:
Did anyone see this? It was on BBC1 at 00:45AM 25/7 and featured three stories about Iraq veterans who were injured and subsequently medically discharged.
I didn't see this but I guess that is typical of the BBC - why show how the ordinary British soldier has suffered at 2030 - 2100 etc when they can show EastEnders. You can bet your bottom dollar that had the documentary been about alleged misconduct of said soldiers it would have been prime time wouldn't it?!! BBC *******!!
I caught the last 15 mins of it, but have seen it before.

Opens your eyes a little, you hear very little aboutthe people losing their careers as a result of injury in iraq/afghanistan.
Didn't know it was a repeat. Bet when it was first aired it was in a similar slot. Echo that point regarding the misconduct bandwagon, those lads went through hell supposedly in the neame of British and international democracy, and how many people have heard there story?

Perversly it seems the Armed Forces get more recognition and praise from the tabloids. :?

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