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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Siggie, Dec 18, 2009.

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  1. What actually goes on when your on tour, im in the Royal Signals (in training) and know i'm going sometime but not really heard much about what goes on, e.g when you land, when you get your R&R, everything really. As much information as possible would be great, cheers!
  2. Get straight to the PX nd get a big pile of jazz mags to last a while then bash yourself stupid until they casevac you
  3. Hmmmm.. would casevac be due to excessive arm strain, premature blindness... or worn out willy...?!!!
  4. Basically the excitement wears out after a couple of weeks, and you take it in turns sleeping in a corner

    It depends when your on tour, I mean, most artists like Kings of Leon sing when their on tour 8O

    Bit of a silly question really, it depends, you could find yourself being rotated on a variety of duties, you could be stagging on for a few hours, than a short patrol around the perimieter of your FOB, stag on again, patrol, sleep, as for signals I don't have a clue
  5. What goes on when you're on tour, stays on tour :D

    Hope that helps.
  6. Or.. you could arrive and be given a really exciting job...then continue doing that same job as the excitement wears off. As time passes that job will become a complete pain in the 'arris until eventually you are so sick of it that you can barely wait until the tour is over. This is though always interspersed with the occasional flare of something very interesting.

    [I am sure that this is not always true, but it certainly reflects my experience and I had some of the better jobs]
  7. You basically do what you want. I just rode around different villages killing the local population and committing one or two rapes here and there, usually on prepubescent girls. I eventually got bored though so just mocked the RAF Regiment sitting outside the NAAFI in Camp Bastion.