When on tour...

What actually goes on when your on tour, im in the Royal Signals (in training) and know i'm going sometime but not really heard much about what goes on, e.g when you land, when you get your R&R, everything really. As much information as possible would be great, cheers!
just do what the bloke infront does, and keep the bloke behind you with you, might sound strange advice but its not. It all falls into place when you deploy. Just concentrate on your training for the time being.
also depends on what unit you will be posted to!...what with Campaign Signal Regiments being formed.
In relation to your capbadge, f*ck all....its just a bit warmer when you carry out your job..

Tours are boring mostly, after the odd tear up you mostly find yourself w*nking an awful lot and annoying local Fauna.
if you are in KAF you will ring home claiming you are grizzing it, you will then recieve loads of comfort parcels off worried family members containing stuff you could easily buy in any number of shops on camp but hey its tough when that aircon packs up and timmys run out of donuts
I remember Herrick 5 my YofS bringing a box of Timmy's into our det in Bastion on a visit but telling us they are for our guys in Kabul not us.


Kabul (Souter) was a two can rule with their own rooms in a building, KAF was butlins but us in bastion had the comfort of heating in our tents yet we got nowt.

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