When not at work, youre not at work!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Fugly, Jan 3, 2006.

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  1. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    This has been boiling my blood for a while now.

    Had my MYR a little while ago, and was told that i should "conduct myself better outside of the work environment".

    Now i have never been banned for drink driving, don't get into fights with random people, or do any of the other social hand grenade stuff that others often let themselves down for. So i was suitably confused when this was told to me, and naturally i questioned it and asked for an example of what i had done wrong.

    The answer was - "Well, the Coy 2IC saw you in one of the local pubs, and you appeared scruffy and unshaven"

    I remembered the event straight away - i was on leave at the time, and was proudly sporting about a week and a halfs worth of facial growth. I saw the 2IC when he came to the bar to order (i was propping the bar up reading the paper at the time), had a quick civilised chat -how you doing blah blah, even offered to buy him a pint which he declined as he was in a round with his family + friends out with him that afternoon. Wished me well, thanked me for a job well done on a recent excercise, and toddled off. I had a couple more beers, chinwag with a few local mates, and left.

    When this "horrific incident" then reared its head i was gobsmacked to say the least.

    Why should i be marked down just because i often choose not to shave every day during leave? PERSEC springs to mind for a start, not looking like a squaddie every single day. Granted, most of the locals know what and who we are, but a bit of growth now and then helps us blend in a bit more.

    If i had gone into camp sporting it, i would have expected someone to come down on me. But on leave? In the pub? Do me a favour.

    What next? Telling me i have no regard for Equipment Care because i haven't washed my car for over 2 months?
  2. Look on the bright side: if that's the worst thing they can find to say about you then you must be sh1t hot at everything else.

    You have also garnered useful int, namely that the 2i/c is a grass and not to be trusted. Disseminate widely.

  3. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Everyone knows the MYR is always a slagging session so you can work on various aspects to achieve a good CR. There were other bad points and areas for development, but this piece of pettyness p1ssed me off something chronic.

    I was suprised at the 2IC bubbling about this, he has always been a straight up bloke the rest of the time.

    I best sleep to attention tonight, or get remedial drill in the morning.

    Pour cornflakes..2....3....pour milk...2...3...

    You have to knock off sometime!!
  4. I'd suggest that it depends on whether you were being paid at the time. :lol:

    As a part-timer (and as a specialist, this means a VERY part-timer), one instance in particular springs to mind.

    Many years ago, our lot did AT in Scotland. This involved a sleeper journey from Euston to McTinyPlaceInTheHillyArea. PERSEC was rife at the time, though that's a feeble excuse as I have a full set for 48 weeks of the year. Although HM The Queen was happy to pay for the travel, which started on the Friday evening, she would only pay wages for Saturday and Sunday. As a result, I arrived at Euston sporting aforementioned full set. OC was very concerned, even to the extent that he commented on the fact. I replied that the beard was mine, not the Army's. He was very troubled.

    We partook of British Rail's offerings in the Buffet Car for much of the early part of the journey. At 5 minutes to midnight, I excused myself to reduce the burden on the bladder, returning 10 minutes later much lighter. Not only had the McEwan's Export been expressed but also the facial hair had gone.

    The Boss seemed happy at my change in appearance. I've never considered myself handsome, but evidently he and the missus agree that my countenance improves following the use of a sharp blade. I don't understand why as me shaving wouldn't prevent him getting a rash on his thighs. I explained that The Queen owned my chin for the remainder of the weekend, though as I didn't see Her during the trek up Ben Arthur and three other Munros, I sometimes wonder why I bothered.
  5. Mate, I totally agree...however I might go a bit further and say I WOULD go on camp! It's my face and my leave...and also what has this issue got to do with my professional ability apart from feck all?

    The problem is the old fashioned, blinkered, public school imagine that the stiff upper lip and the clean shaven chin is the way that we should conduct ourselves, even in our own time. These people need to stop watching WW2 films and understand that we do NOT need to be treated like children and are intelligent enough to know what is required of a modern day army.

    My rant over
  6. But what's the use of carrying your gas mask everywhere in its cardboard box, if you're not going to get a good face seal?
  7. B- for the Coy 2IC's Moral Courage - he should have gripped you there and then.
  8. Well said Barbs - I was wondering if someone would say that before I did. Can only add, "and having gripped, moved on and never mentioned it again"
  9. But the Army own you 24 hrs a day etc etc
  10. Are you a mate of VM and Trousers per chance...??
  11. My own Corps used to particularly favour this style of management, particularly amongst those officers from the "WO2- Child of the 60s era" Most of whom got to WO2 and commissioned by the 12 year point and then some who paid scant regard to the mess they had started in!

    At least 3 instances of issues being raised for the first time in my CR, as opposed to being addressed at the time. One issue was left to fester for 18 months before being raised in my CR and I'd been a sub WO2 for 3 years!

    The only way to manage is openly and fairly. In the pub, at the time, might not be the place to address this. But it should have been raised shortly after that, if it was going to be included into yr CR.
  12. Why does it matter if you have stubble when you are on leave. This is the 21st century, and we are allowed (within reason) to be ourselves when on leave. Grow a beard, wear a stud in your nose - whatever. As long as you are not 'bringing the Army into disrepute' and it doesn't change who you are at work then leave off!!!
  13. Fugly - this is the whole reason of MYA. It gives the Reporting Officer the opportunity to make comments on your current performance and areas that need improving on prior to your CR/OJAR. In as many words it is not worth the paper it is written on, as it is not filed etc. So I wouldn't get too het up about it and crack on doing a good job - as it would seem that you are doing.

    In the mean time, get your heels together, have a shve and the next time you see the said Coy 2IC, offer him a pint of champagne - he'll be so impressed, that he will forget to notice the fact that you haven't shaved!!
  14. If that's the only complaint in your MYR then you must be onto a good ACR if you keep your nose clean.........and your chin shaven (sorry, couldn't help that one) for the next six months. As Veg has pointed out, your 2IC is a tw*t and as pointed out by another poster, he also lacks moral courage, therefore you should watch the c*nt. He obviously had to think long and hard to find a negative on you so he's a man who cannot accept that some soldiers are very good all round. It would have been embarrassing for you and he to have resolved the issue in a bar but he could have at least had a word in your shell like when you got back to work. He sounds like a man who is suited to administrative pursuits. I'd ignore the advice about walking onto camp unshaven as you will antagonise them and you 'll get your arse nailed firmly and fairly to a flag pole. It doesn't matter where you've been or how many medals you have for being there, you are still paid to be a professinal soldier and that, whether you agree or not, also involves your conduct out of normal working hours.

    If that's all they have on you mate, don't sweat it. Just don't wind them up.
  15. Grow up you c*nt.