When Mr Cameron Said . . .

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sven, Oct 3, 2007.

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  1. What must He do in a new Conservative government to make it fit for purpose?
  2. Linky?
  3. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/7026435.stm

  4. Many Thanks.

    Just what I had when I was in really.

    Good pension and good medical support.
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  6. Raise pay scales to a decent level to aid recruitment and retention
    refurbish ALL substandard accomodation,
    Recruit, Recruit
    issue decent equipment (bought off the shelf if necessary)......
    Recruit, Recruit, Recruit
    Increase establishment levels to a minumum of 42 Infantry Battalions, with all the support neededs ...
    Did I say Recruit????

    There's probably loads more .... but start with the basics!
  7. Step 1 - Get elected
  8. Nothing wrong with the pay as far as I'm concerned.

    The problem with good accomodation is that you have to pay for it.

    We had crap equipment when I was first in (58 Pat webbing, tin hat etc...), having said that we didn't have any major wars other than Ireland.

    Which means more time at home for the troops, more retention, self fulfilling really, agreed.
  9. Maybe somone on his team reads arrse:

  10. Cameron - Liar
    Brown - Liar
    Campbell - Can't Remember How To Lie - Alzheimers.
  11. Riiiiiight.....so he's saying that he will have to look at lots of things. Funnily enough I thought that since he was opposition leader he would perhaps already have looked at those things and had at least one or two answers, or at the very least suggestions. It's like a set of orders with a background / scenario brief and a very very vague mission, but no concept of ops, execution phase or even commander's intent.

    In short this bloke is an empty vessel, a perfect celebrity politician for an age where the public worship people like Jordan, Sharon Osbourne, Jade Goody and so on. He has no policies, only some vague assertations that he will "look at it" sometime. He claimed to have slept under canvas in Bastion! Really? Canvas? Fcuking nobber.

    He then goes about rescuing Afghanistan and says why. Because the nasty men will come here and endanger the home counties and his dear mama (ok it's understandable), but he doesn't offer anything at all about how this might be achieved! It's another "Trust me, I'll look at it later". He doesn't have any ideas. He even caveats it all at the end and says they will need to "....make sure that we are realistic and not utopian". Ha ha - brilliant - we'll look at it eventually but we can't promise that we'll do anything because we haven't actually studied anything in depth, as we've been busy. It would be laughable if he wasn't the leader of the opposition and supposed to stop our country being an undemocratic one-party state.

    Who would possibly vote for someone who can't even articulate a single solution? He couln't rescue Britain....David Cameron couldn't organise the fire picquet in Penhale Camp on the off-season. Smarmy cnut.

  12. He also said he would restore 3 Battalions in the cut that should never have happened.

    But hey, you stick with Cyclops, he really likes you lot you know. He is someone you really can depend on.
  13. Just because he said he'd restore 3 Battalions doesn't actually mean he'll do it!

    Haven't you learnt the rules of the game yet?

    The question is not what he promises to do, but if we can find any evidence that he can be trusted to do it. I haven't seen anything but the same old spin; it's unpalatable coming from Labour and it's just as grating (if not worse) when it comes from the toffs at the headshed in the Tory party.
  14. Gentlemen, Gentlemen, the sad truth is that the next election will be between the lessers of two evils.

    The fact remains that both parties talk up defence in opposition then run it down when in power.

    Howvever on the plus side at least one party is promising a referendum on the EU constitution whilst the other party is not.

    If Cyclops signs the EU constitution we lose what little democracy we have left in this country.

    Think about that.
  15. Would it be less grating had the leader of the Tory Party had a comprehensive school education? Honestly, give the perceived class thing a rest!

    So Gordon Brown, purse-string holder for 10 years and now spin-driven leader performs SO much better?! Granted he offers solutions - cuts, cuts, cuts - but distracts you with another little war to fight. You vote for Gordon then PD - at least he's guaranteed to screw you and there's a lot to be said for consistency... :roll: