When men were men and the sheep were frightened

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by arakan, Dec 3, 2006.

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  1. 'scuse my ignorance of modern slang but what's a 'Walt?' And before you reply - 'You are' - that doesn't answer my question. Is it someone who pretends that they have served in HM Forces and dresses up as a fighting warrior on each and every occasion, even if they were in the ACC or similar. Or is it the cnuts who post loads of smart alec comments on this website. I'm aiming at the smart bar stewards, probably impecunious youths at Uni. who think that they have a monopoly on 'smarts.' As my last 'tick' please show some respect to the ladies who join this website. Some of the comments shown are disgraceful and those posting them should be ashamed. signed Walt (whatever that is)
    Mellowing a little.
  2. Fcukoff split arse....... :p :p :p
  3. Yamkwak or is it simply Typical Twat - answer from an uncouth bastard. Grow up and discuss. If you can't then go feck yourself.
    Ps See what I mean?
  4. Yeah thats why your post is in the ARRSEHOLE!!! Think about it you dozy bint :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. Yamkwak . This could get personal. The fact that this post is here does not give you the right to insult. That's the whole point of it - perhaps the semantics of the argument are over your head. But being a policeman I suppose you think that you have the right to browbeat people with your crude comments. Talk to me on the private chat perhaps I can knock some sense into your thick head.
  6. Fuck me, there must be something in the air this weekend. Does PMT travel through the air? It appears we have more than a couple of females on here who are more highly strung than Jimi Hendrix's Fender.

    This is the Arrsehole, you chose to post your tripe in here so do not expect an Oxbridge debate. And do not get your fcuking arse in your hand when someone takes issue with you.

    Do not fcuking PM me.
  7. Flashy : and why ever not my little pumpkin? You made the choice to join the argument so why do you think you can't reap the consquences?
    Simple question and by way of this I think I'm getting the answer.
    I've now got two Walts

  8. Do you mong for your school?

    What an utter waste of keyboard paint.

    BTW, stop fcuking PMing me.
  9. You couldn't invent this cnut if you tried could you?
  10. I happen to fit quite happily with that remark.

    Don't you think it a little odd to post opinions in which you condemn how people view others (women in this case....Susie), whilst at the same time generalising and coming out with tripe yourself?

    I'd love a pm, but it's been a while, please be gentle.
  11. You can have the utter bollox its sent me.
  12. Henry : Ahhh the bemedalled Henry!! You are typical of the twerps that inhabit this site.I think I now have three Walts. (Couldn't be better, drawing them out of the woodwork at last)
  13. Whats your point, blossom?

    Bored, retarded or in some other way disabled?
  14. No need, it can't be any stranger than the one I have recieved.

    In response to your pm arakan; Yes you are currently posting tripe, insulting someone and implying they are bad copper purely because they held a differing view to you whilst at the same time demanding people change their views is tripe.

    Exactly how long have you been a fruit-loop?
  15. Now that's what I like about this site - intelligent people can actually discuss feck all. Errrrr? Did I say the right thing or is Dr. Death going to get intense on me again?