When JHQ RheinD closes, where will everyone go?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Outstanding, Apr 30, 2007.

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  1. Just heard that it will close (with Bruggen) by 2010.
    So where does everyone go?
    Will it effect postings Regt Strengths?
    Will 7 & 16 be combined with ARRC Sp Bn into just one Regt?
  2. Don't think 2010 is actually possible, considering no announcements have yet been made. A camp as diverse as JHQ, with it's varied civilian workforce, would take much longer to disassemble than three years. Even then, soldiers will need to be rehoused elsewhere.

    I reckon at least 5 years is a safe yardstick to work by (when the heirarchy eventually let us know what's going on that is.)
  3. Mikeboy, but announcements have been made, German Govt are aware, so is Mayor of MG and surrounding civil blokes. Everyone knows that work is "ongoing", just a question now of telling the House of Commons about the timing, cant do that until after local elections nad Bliar departs, he may actually make announcement to take heat off the twunt Brown. Word is that 2010 is an outside date, it does seem close but alot has been happening with bases in UK, Cosford, Blandford, ect.
  4. When JHQ RheinD closes, where will everyone go?

    6 (UK) Div HQ Main - Kabul, and
    6 (UK) Div HQ Fwd - Kandahar
  5. If JHQ & Elmpt close, what happens to TFSU(G) & 14 Geo at Ayrshire Barracks? I heard long ago that if ABS closes 14 Geo will return to their parent unit in the UK, but even at minimum military manning some qtrs (or pte hirings) will have to remain for TFSU(G) personnel.

    Or is TFSU(G) closing also?
  6. Elmpt Station (formerly RAF Bruggen) will probably become like Wildenrath, an industrial estate. Shame really as there is a lot of history.
  7. Outstanding,

    Project BORONA is the name for the re-basing of HQ ARRC back to UK. It is being run by a one star civil servant who used to work at UKSC(G) and no doubt has bought more than one tax free car in his time. Therefore, 2010 is extremely unlikely... there is still plenty of gravy left in the train, I'd say.

    There is an Army Briefing Note somewhere on Armynet...
  8. Adjt,
    Thanks I know all of the facts in your mail. The report was ready in dec 06 but has just taken time to tweak and make sure that the figures are accurate. The truth is that the move is most likely to happen and because the savings will not be fully realised until after the moves are completed, the sooner the moves are finished, the sooner real savings will accrue. The date of 2010 is not unacheivable, after all the ARRC can move very easily and after that it is simply a case of dividing up UKSC(G) and relocating them to (I guess)Herford, where they will be much smaller than they are now. It is interesting if you start looking at it how many decisions have already been made. You may have heard today that the BFG Mental health unit at Wegberg will close soon, - it is all part of the plan.
  9. My bold.

    All local authorities are aware, as you correctly stated, that JHQ will be closing. My point is, however, that the aforementioned dates are purely speculative.
  10. Dates were speculative but it now appears that they are becoming firmer as the report nears it full briefing point. The idea that a generic and looose time frame could be applied has proved unsuccesful, as individuals need to know when savings will accrue and what the up front cotsts and actual (nor speculative) consequensces will be. Rather like the release of info on St Athan, the detail is now known and decisions have been tentatively agreed and accepted (hence the drip - drip release to civilian agencies in BA(G), but the full announcements are contained until "the moment" is right!
  11. Dont know how much truth is in it but heard ARRC is going to RAF Insworth when it closes.
  12. It should have closed years ago IMHO! :x
  13. Think that will only be the HQ element, rumour is that ARCC SP Bn will combine with 7&16 Sig Regts to make a Signals Heavy ARRC Command Unit. Mkaes sense as the total size would be less than an Infantry Bn of 650 men and it would allow a single command rather than having 3 different COs all fighting for face time.
  14. There doesn't appear to be anything on the box head news wires, local or national.
  15. No FF but believe me all the local and national German authrities are aware of it, as are the local unions. They were all told last year, when the plans were first discussed. The reason it is not in the news is that it is not news!!