when is the next intake into sandhurst for potential officers

hi, am hoping to become an army officer and attend sandhurst asap. i have my briefing in may and, assuming i am successful, that the main board will be in a month or two. i heard that the september intake into sandhurst is alread full and that the next one will be january? is their any truth in this??

many thanks
From what I heard:

Intakes Jan/May/Sept of every year

I passed my briefing end of March, and they said there was already a 6 month waiting list for Main board, let alone Sandhurst!

Unless you do exceptionally well and fill one of the drop-out spots I heard about, then you're looking at Jan/may 2012 at earliest I believe- I'm currently hoping for Jan 2012, but will know my chances closer to the end of the year!
I booked my Main Board a few days ago and was informed by Westbury that the quickest I could attend was the end of June, so the wait isn't too bad. I'm actually booked on for late September in the hope that I'll be good to go for RMAS in May 2012.

rfoley - I have received no indication that any of the future intakes are already full.
I have my briefing in August (earliest one available by the time the medical forms get sorted etc). My sponser has said that he'll get my main board organised for December with the hope to starting in May 2012 - so I guess the answer is........ noone has any idea as everyone's process seems to be different in length.

I have an Infantry and RLC visit in June which should really help with AOSB Briefing so Ill probably try and get a drop-out spot..... need to get cracking as Ive been told that at 24 Ill be one of the old boys :(
My ACA told me that the cut off for entries to Sandhurst for September is 20th May (the date you must have passed MB by). As Sandhurst has 3 untakes, one every 4 months, I can only assume that the cut off for January would be roughly 4 months after the September cut off. That said, my ACA also said that the cut off dates are not set that far in advance, so may vary due to number of main boards being taken/how popular each intake is etc.
The best thing to do once you have done your Briefing and know your score, is to ring your ACA and ask.


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