When is the date for AFPRB? How much we getting Gordon?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by catchyerselfon, Feb 15, 2007.

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  1. Any ideas on dates?
    Twas about this time last year methinks.
  2. Bueller?... Bueller? Anyone, ......Bueller?

    I just want some mo money for Crissakes!
  3. Last years AFPRB report was published on 16 Feb 06 so, hold on to your hat, this years should be out any day now.
  4. The Intranet is so slooooow today....

    From the history on the Intranet, it looks as if the announcement should be any day now. Assuming, that is, they can get permission from Gordon!

  5. No matter how much they give you with the left hand the right hand will take away a bit more . . .
  6. Nowt yet on t'Intranet. Looks like next week now.

    Anything less than 4.2% (current RPI) will be a pay cut!

  7. Thanks for the morale booster Litotes, my Service pension up by 3.6% - I think. However, OAP up by same amount and then Service pension reduced by tax.

    Difficult to win, unless one turns to crime of course but I'm frightened to do that because Mr. Bliar said: 'Tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime'.

    I advise anyone who can to save, but of course G Broon takes another cut from savings.
  8. I reckon 3.5 tiered

    Others are getting far less in the so called "real" world remember we are only about 100,000 not even close to 1% of the votes.

    3.5 would be ok.
  9. Oh its just like Christmas!
    (ie I wont get what i want!)

    I can see it now AFPRB to give out 'Old Spice' with sock and hankie sets to all Forces members in April.........
  10. In a 'board' moment, I just had a look at when past AFPRB reports were published:

    8 Feb 96
    6 Feb 97
    29 Jan 98
    1 Feb 99
    15 Feb 00
    9 Feb 01
    29 Jan 02
    8 Feb 03
    23 Feb 04
    22 Feb 05
    16 Feb 06

    So, historically it should have been published by now, but recent years suggest that it will be out next week. It will be interesting to see exactly when.
  11. Surely someone can leak it...
  12. I do it for the love. Getting paid is just a bonus.

    [/sarcasm mode off]
  13. You are a Matelot; of course you do it for the (man) love!
  14. It's only gay if you push back you know!
  15. Stop press we are getting an even bigger corporate c0ckshafting and that we are being cut by 5% this is due to the REME tiffys winning the pay 2000 lottery and NOT having to pay it back.....