When is pay day?

Ask your pay staff.



territoriallybarmy said:
nice msr anyone wanna give me an answer?
When Glasgow pull their thumb out of their arrse…

You weren’t expecting to be paid within a reasonable amount of time from joining were you? Or even to be paid on the same day each month consistently?

Welcome to the TA :D
Pay day is the day that you get your money. it happens when 'they' remember to do it.
The pay run for this week is today. On past form if your pay is processed today, it should be in the Bank Friday morning (maybe Thursday if you are lucky)
territoriallybarmy said:
Hey guys really quick question, Ive been in a few months and havent been paid yet (nothing new there) when is pay day this week is it today or another day?

thanks a lot
i have seen it take up to six months for people to get their first pay.

it took me four and thats apparently a good time for my place. depends on the admin of your company and then glassgow. sorry to say but there is no definate time
Goku said:
Doesn’t really help with retention of recruits does it
Nope. Some of our lads have passed their Phase 1 without seeing pay; needless to say they have no interest in coming in until it's been resolved.
Surely they didn't just join for the pay did they?! :money:

Joking aside what annoyed me a bit in the beginning was having to drive a 70 mile round trip at a time in my life when petrol was a bit of a luxury. Took 6 months for travel expenses to come through with my first pay, and was quite a healthy sum by that time.
I got paid today, but it seems to vary from month to month. Never rely on getting TA pay. I like to think of it more as a bonus than as solid income.
territoriallybarmy said:
nice msr anyone wanna give me an answer?
That is the answer you loon - no-one else can help you.

territoriallybarmy said:
your the loon doofus
No, he is a respected member of the site who gave you the right answer. This answer is sort yourself out or get out; I understand that there are problems with TA pay but posting here like this just demonstrates your shortcomings. Have you even asked the pay office or your chain Of command? If the answer is yes and you are still in the dark then you should complain to your chain of command...

Get rid of the attitude or your time on here will be difficult.
Dear "territoriallybarmy".

Never take on a financial comittment that relies on being paid your TA Salary on a regular basis. Consider it's a "bonus" and only plan on spending it once it's in the bank. Regrettably, the Army Pay system is apalling and will get worse as the TA are forced to the computer terminal with the intro of JPA!

Does The AG care - does he fcuk!!!
I finally twigged this is the most insane situation ever. I can not think anyone here in their civilian employment would accept being paid on random days of the month, being paid the wrong amount, not being paid for 2, 3 or 4 months, promotions being forgotton about, allowances being forgotten about.

If your Civilian HR department decided that just cos you were a new starter they wouldn't pay you for 4 months, you'd soon quit and sue them.

And Yet. "Cos it's the TA" we accept a level of service that would put a civilan employer in court. HR managers in civy street would get sacked.

Are we the stupid ones here? Or do we deserve this level of non service..?

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