When is it right to chin a bird ?.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Black-Bart, Jul 1, 2010.

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  1. A little while ago I ended up in some fisticuffs with my Ex Missus' brother.
    I won quite comprehensively. However, last night me and the current applicant for Mrs BB were out for a quiet drink when I was accosted by his 4'11'' 7 stone girlfriend. She walked over and poured a drink over me and offered me out. I declined. If she had physically hit me I would have been able (with a clear conscience) to lay the cow out cold. However, as she just drenched me and stood there gobbing off, i was pretty well fcuked.

    What is the correct etiquette on this occasion ??
  2. Easy- peasy, 'You are hysterical, I must slap you to help you out of this condition!'

    SLAP. Job jobbed.
  3. In public the back hander correctly applied deals with most women, only when there is a vowel in the month though.
  4. Take her up the wrong one dry.


    To add to the drama, first kidnap the slapper and drive her about in ya car boot.
  5. Like all real men, you should've knocked her front teeth out!
  6. Why didn't your bird chin her?
  7. 4'11 and 7 stone?? Chuck your pint over her and drown the fucker!!
  8. That's what i was thinking?
  9. i would of through my pint in her face and said do one. but if she hit me then she would get it streight back or id push her or sumert
  10. ano yeah my bird would of done her in and then gone mad at me saying whos that haha
  11. you're too young to be in the pub so shut it sprout! :D
  12. Yeah what the fuck? Why would you want to hit a 4 ft 7 stone female? Any normal bloke would knock a girl that size out if he hit her.
  13. Admit it! It never happened outside of that lonely brain cell did it! ;)
  14. Maybe say something like "Well if you didnt want hepies, you shouldy have had sex for money!" so as to take the spotlight off you stood there dripping like a tool, then got future Mrs BB to give the fcuker a shoeing in the carpark
  15. Coz she was too busy p1ssing herself laughing.

    We did have a bit of a barney afterwards as I asked the same thing.

    But the make up sex was well worth it.