When is an MSO not an MSO..................................

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by SpeckledJim, May 24, 2007.

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  1. I was privy to an interesting conversation the other day (honest) about those Tech Offrs who choose to jump ship, and try their luck in the MSO cadre being Boarded for OF4 in both cadres!!? Great concept, you can f*ck up in the MSO cadre and when things get tough and awkward, jump back into your Tech cadre, and presumably, f*rk that one up as well.........................Maybe I heard things wrong but its just daft enough to be true......................
  2. Dont the tech officers have to go MSO to get medium commissions?
  3. Is this the rumour of a staff trained Ex EHO is trying for the AMD EH OF4 post? Mad, as there is already too little movement in the EHO Cadre without bringing people back.

    Someone did mention that the MSO Cadre is overborne with OF4s at the moment, so I supose that they have to put him somewhere. I'll pity his SO3 if he does come back to the fold.

    What about the other Ex EH MSOs could they come back as well? Now there is a thought!
  4. An MSO is not an MSO unless he has either done 44 weeks of RMAS or deservedly earnt an LE Commission...
  5. Is this not symptomatic of the perennial problems with MSOs? :twisted: That is, that a hardcore quorum of RMAS graduates and LEs from other Corps backgrounds see themselves as the 'real' military people in the AMS, who's sacred mission is to beat all the wierdo PQOs and other specialists into whimpering submission.

    I have known many MSOs in my time in both the Army and the RAF and the good ones, IMHO, are those who are committed to helping deliver a medical service. The bad ones are the ones who are frustrated 'real' army officers who struggle to disguise their contempt for Vicars & Tarts graduates, et al.

    Spookily enough, though not universal, in my experience most of the truly good MSOs are ex-nurses, ex-CMTs, ex-radiographers, ex-(insert AHP of choice) who actually understand medics and want to help them get on with their job. I say not universal 'cos there is a 'residue' of ex-RAMC male nurses who couldn't face the prospect of going QA and went MSO instead. Now they see it as their life's mission to treat any male QA with contempt and derision. Their numbers are dwindling, but there's still a few about. :evil:
  6. Whilst I see what you are saying KC, the Corps has also got a nasty core of mong PQO's who are in Staff appointments through what merit? Whilst I am not saying a DE MSO by virtue of passing MK 1 is the next Wellington, I believe that in the state the AMS is in, the PQO's would be better employed sorting the clinical cadres out rather than aspiring to Sub Unit Command when they are wholly unsuited. Coming bottom third of ICSC "but tried hard" does not count in my mind! A QA Lt as a Pl Comd at an ATR is also an embarrassment for example.
  7. But surely if this individual did as you suggest, it would involve work of some nature on his part? Even if he had a good SO3 who was prepared to graft
  8. Absolutely. I merely humbly submit that there are as many frustrated junior generals in the MSO cadre as there are mong PQOs.
  9. The initial point suggested that former Tech trade pers were returning to thier trade from the MSO cadre to achive OF4 rank...RUBBISH. There is liability for about 3 /4 tech OF 4 (EHO/Physio) in the AMS. Physios who are currently doing staff appointments never left the Physio cadre.

    As to Tech officers not cutting it, this year we have had a Pharm Tech in the top 10% at ICSC and a QARANC Offr in the top third at an ATR; hardly an example in either case.

    We in the AMS have a broard Kirk which we should use to our strength. Glance at any NHS top level management board and you will see an eclectic mix of backgrounds. We should aim to mirror this, therefore, I would encourage more Tech WOs (and perhaps in the future SSGts) to apply for MSO commissions. These people will learn something from MSOs (LE & DE) but more importantly, teach them something too.

    What we must stop in our internal bickering and work together, failure to do so could see us being run by RAF and Navy officers in a couple of years!

    Finally, where the 'surplus of OF4' thought came from I do not know. It too is rubbish. We are currently have gaps with no reserve to promote at OF3,4 & 5.
  10. You are right about the bickering Scholesy however, I suspect that we are probably about 6 years away from a purple Corps.............................
  11. If the 'LMG' study delivers it may be six weeks!
  12. A Pharmacy Technician on ICSC? I don't think so!
  13. Yes you are right Sky Monkey. It was a Pharmacist, my fault but the officer concerned was still in the top 10%.
  14. The main point amongst the rhetoric in the original post was that it hardly seems fair if a someone in a Tech cadre decides to attend ICSC(L), convert to DE and assumes appointments outside of the cadre gets Boarded for both. How you unravel the issue Boarding someone on DE ToS against a fellow LE Tech Offrs who normally wouldn’t get Boarded for OF 4 until ROD -3, I couldn’t guess. Even with one tour outside specialty, there will be professional governance issues to deal with.

    That said, if the ability is there, people will thrive in which ever route they choose. But as those in the Tech cadres will know, it’s hard enough to get promoted to OF4 as it is, without added competition.
  15. Up until the fall of the Berlin Wall.... "past history"

    MSO ............were the Mixed Service Organization....political exciles and such like from the Soviet Block countries......often employed as drivers and cooks......some were ex NAZI's of low status....