When is a colleague called a 'Walt'?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Letterwritingman, Jul 11, 2012.

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  1. Rock: Former colleague has difficulties possibly related with service in Bos; 1 tour only (that could potentially explain) early '96.

    Hard Place: I did 2 tours '93, 95 (UN) and then IFOR; conflict was ended very quickly thaks to F18 and a willingness t hurt shit; my friend though wasn't 'there' though during the troubled times, and definitely out of Britfor influence. I think he's milking it; it woul appear he's a liar; however couple with possible 'other health problems' how do I stop him from becoming a fool?

    Edited to clarify: Constant internet statements relating to his 'experiences; on a near weekly basis; truth is the guy spent a bit of time at Sanski when in support of LI.
  2. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    When he doesn't use the right forum!
  3. Forum for news; gossip and CHAT. Reasonable question, should get a reasonable response; I don't want to crucify the fellagh; after all I did serve with him but I question whether his interperatations of that period should go unchallenged and whether or not it would be better to let him struggle on.
  4. Is he embellishing so he can get his leg over or to make money, if it's the latter tell him it's 50 50 or your bubbling him.
  5. Think it's a bit late for that
  6. Or the former for that matter.
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  7. Thanks so far, RE seem to have nothing to do this afternoon.
  8. After slating your former colleague as a walt, and proceeding to tell us what a hero you are, it sounds to me like you're the one milking it. You sad ****.
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  9. Yes your right....thank you; however given the number of persons who claim military experience on this site I find it is sometimes easier to establish my credentials upfront.
  10. If insecurity is a credential, you've certainly established it.

    **** your missis, did he?
  11. 'When is a colleague called a backstabbing cnut'

    Man up ffs and ask him what the score is. He could be in a rut with depression or something and looking for something to pin it on.
  12. Sore point DD? Still trying for reasonable avenues from others.
  13. A mate on FB claimed to be a milk moniter at school, the walting fecker that he is. I was the milk moniter, should I out the fecker?Sent from Dii so it will be fecked up.
  14. His interpretation of that period is just that, his interpretation. Not yours, not ours, but his.
  15. Thank you Pebbles, I'm not entirely sure where you found "back stabbing ****" in my previous posts!