When in trouble commission a study


The Armed Forces Minister, Bob Ainsworth has announced that the Government has commissioned an independent study into how the British public can better express its support and gratitude for the nation's Armed Forces.

The study, which will be led by Quentin Davies MP, will show how we can improve the nation's understanding and appreciation of the Armed Forces and consider encouraging more public activities like civic parades and commemoration days.

Bill Clark OBE, a senior MOD Civil Servant, and Air Commodore Martin Sharp OBE, a highly experienced RAF officer, will support Quentin Davies in his study.

Bob Ainsworth, the Armed Forces Minister, said: "Quentin's study will be independent but will also complement the cross-Government Personnel Strategy I announced last month. The Personnel Strategy will set out the Government's vision for further enhancing the level of support offered to the Armed Forces, their families and veterans.

"It will also provide an overview of recent progress made in improving the Armed Forces welfare package. In the past 12 months, for example, the lowest paid members of the Armed Forces received the highest pay rise in the public sector and we introduced the Childcare Voucher Scheme for all Service personnel. I am delighted that Quentin will lead this study. He adds value through his own personal drive and years of knowledge of defence issues."

Quentin Davies added: "Over the past few months I have had many opportunities to appreciate at first hand the extraordinary professionalism and courage of our Armed Forces. I think there is very general admiration for them throughout the country, though some people have expressed frustration at the lack of suitable opportunities to express this.

"At the same time it is, clear that there are gaps in the public's understanding of the role of the military, of the very special qualities they bring to their jobs and their experiences on operations. I hope that this study will provide a focus for a public debate, and enable us to learn from the experiences of other democratic countries with proud military traditions. The outcome will hopefully be a wider and better understanding of our Armed Forces, and a greater appreciation of our Service personnel."

The National Recognition Study is running in parallel with a cross-Government Service Personnel Strategy. This initiative was launched last month by Armed Forces Minister, Bob Ainsworth.

Well I suppose it is a start.
That is exactly par for the course, announce a 'study', don't give any dates for it to be completed by and even when finally done ignore(probably) most of its recommendations.

Smoke & Mirrors. Again.
So Joe Public is going to have the Govt tell them how to appreciate the Armed Forces!

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